Enterprise Dashboard Reports

Virtual Service and Infrastructure ROI Report
The Virtual Service and Infrastructure ROI Report lets you calculate the overall cost savings, based on the savings per virtual service or per transaction, from using Service Virtualization.
Calculation of ROI is based on your organization's use of DevTest Solutions.
Follow these steps:
  1. Open the Enterprise Dashboard.
  2. Select the gear icon at the top right and click
    Virtual Service & Infrastructure ROI Calculator
    Virtual Services and Infrastructure ROI
    dialog appears.
    ROI Report Input Dialog
  3. Make the following selections on the page and click
    Generate Report
    Select the currency type to use to calculate ROI. Supported currencies are Dollars, Great Britain Pounds, Australian Dollars, Euros, and Yen. The default value is USD.
    Specify the time range for which you want to calculate ROI. The default is for the last month.
    Cost Savings
    : Set the cost savings per virtual service and/or per transaction for both functional and performance VSEs. The default value is 2 cents per virtual service and 5 cents per transaction (or the equivalent value if you selected a different currency type). This default is based on industry-wide accepted cost savings figures for service virtualization.
    Number of purchased environments:
    Specify the number of environments or resources purchased to run virtual services or perform any transactions. The default value is 3.
    Cost per HW/SV Environment:
    Specify the cost per hardware/software environment. The default value is 105,000 to represent all hardware, software, and labor costs to set up an environment. With Service Virtualization, you may reduce investments in environments that were previously required to support testing. This calculator assumes a 50% reduction in the need to spend resources on infrastructure that can be replaced by virtual services, synthetic data, and dynamic data sets. The 50% figure is based on customer feedback and industry-wide accepted figures. You can change the default 105,000 cost per environment to more accurately reflect the cost in your organization.
    The report, named VSInfrastructureROIReport.xlsx, downloads to your system.
The report contains two tabs:
ROI based on VSE Usage:
Virtual Services ROI Report Tab
ROI based on Infra Usage:
Infrastructure ROI Report Tab