Using Virtual Service Catalog

Virtual Service Catalog provides a central repository for viewing and sharing virtual services. From a single dashboard, you can quickly locate the available services that are deployed to a VSE and accessible in any Enterprise Dashboard that is connected to Virtual Service Catalog.
This section contains the following pages that describe the functionality of Virtual Service Catalog:
For more information about installing Virtual Service Catalog, see Installing SV Service Catalog.
Start Virtual Service Catalog
Follow these steps:
  1. Start Virtual Service Catalog by doing one of the following:
    • Double-click the
      Virtual Service Catalog
      desktop icon.
    • Launch the
      executable from the
      Install Directory
  2. Start the Virtual Service Catalog UI by doing one of the following:
    • Double-click the
      Virtual Service Catalog UI
      desktop icon.
    • Enter
      in a browser.
      If Virtual Service Catalog is not installed locally, substitute the host name for
      in your browser.
      The browser will display a warning that the connection is not secure or that the certificate for the website is invalid. This connection is flagged because it is using a self-signed certificate. Proceed to the site.
    The Virtual Service Catalog login page opens.
  3. Enter your user name and password and click
    The Home tab opens.
  4. From the Home tab:
    • Click
      View Virtual Services
      to open the Virtual Services tab and see a list of all available virtual services.
      For more information about viewing virtual services, see View Virtual Services.
    • Click
      Manage Catalog Settings
      to open the
      Catalog Settings
      tab. From this tab, click
      Dashboard Connection Management
      to configure the Enterprise Dashboards to access, and click
      List of Virtual Service Configuration
      to configure visible columns in the Virtual Service Catalog.
      For more information, see Configure Connection Settings.
      Access to the Connection tab requires administrator privileges.