What's Coming to Rally

Coming soon, we plan to roll out new and exciting updates to Rally. Rally users will benefit from a modernized user experience, equipped with developer-centric features, and complete with enterprise-class security. These changes will more readily enable your organization to deliver value with speed, quality and efficiency.
Modernized User Experience
new Rally UI  
You can expect to see a new UI upon login. There will be no changes to the app SDK, so any custom pages you have in place will not be impacted.
Watch a quick demo here.
We will be releasing this new UI on a page-by-page basis, with the following prioritized pages expected to release first:
  • Backlog
  • Capacity Planning
  • Defects
  • Detail Editors
  • Investments
  • Iteration Status
  • Login Page
  • Navigation
  • Plan Progression
  • Portfolio Items
  • Portfolio Kanban
  • Quality Management
  • Release Tracking
  • Team Board
  • Team Planning
  • User Stories
  • Work Views 
GitHub Integration
We are releasing a GitHub native integration that will allow developers to connect Rally stories and defects to pull requests in GitHub. This integration will only be available for GitHub.com and GitHub Enterprise Cloud (not Server) users at this time.
Watch a quick demo here.
Enterprise-Class Security
Rally is committed to protecting your data with enterprise-class encryption, and we proudly hold the following certifications: ISO 27001, SOC-2, NIST 800-53r4 and FISMA ATO. We will also offer a premium security offering called Customer Managed Keys (CMK) for customers who seek an added layer of protection. This is a paid feature that provides our customers with complete control of their data in Rally using encryption keys.
Learn more about customer-managed keys from our product management team.
Want to Learn More?
Want to learn more about these upcoming features and changes to Rally? Watch the webinar replay.
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Additional Resources
  • Refer to this summary document for a more detailed summary of the upcoming changes.
  • Refer to this list of screenshots for a collection of annotated screenshots describing the changes on most pages.
  • Refer to this document for regarding the migration of shared and saved views. Early adopters have special instructions included here to ensure a smooth migration.