Visualizer Administration

Use the CMDB Visualizer administration interface to perform the following functions:
Use the CMDB Visualizer administration interface to perform the following functions:
  • Install and configure the Visualizer server.
  • Modify the display of CI status and relationships.
  • Create and manage administrative filters.
  • Create and manage Visualizer CI graphics.
    You can use the Icon Configuration page to map family names to their respective icon images when you upgrade from CMDB Visualizer r11. To reset the family icon mapping, click Reconfigure. The icon image mapping file (\CMDBVisualizer\WEB-INF\classes\com\ca\cmdbvisualizer\config\ is recreated.
These functions are only available to roles with administrator privileges.
How to Configure CMDB Visualizer
You can configure a CMDB Visualizer server as a primary or secondary server. The primary Visualizer server must reside on the same computer as the primary CA SDM server. All other Visualizer servers are treated as secondary servers. You cannot change a secondary Visualizer server to primary unless a CA SDM server on the same computer is changed to primary. The primary server address is required to reconfigure a secondary server.
You change some of the configuration values that were entered for the CMDB Visualizer during its initial configuration. To change some settings, you edit the properties files. If the CA SDM server has changed, you also most update the server name.
Visualizer configuration information is stored in the following file:
The following properties in the property file must be changed:
To update entries for the web service URL and the Parent application URL, modify the following parameters:
USD_WEBSERVICE_URL=http://<cmdb-server-name>:<port no>/axis/services/USD_R11_WebService> PARENT_APPLICATION=http://<cmdb-server-name>:<port no>/CAisd/pdmweb.exe
This process must be repeated across all Visualizer installations.
You can update the timeout for SQL Queries in the SQL_QUERY_TIMEOUT property. For example, set SQL_QUERY_TIMEOUT = 30 sets the timeout as 30 seconds.