New Features and Enhancements

IntelliJ Idea Plugin
The IntelliJ plugin lets developers to create and manage Virtual Services directly through IntelliJ IDE as a part of their unit testing. This includes creating and deploying virtual services from directories of RR pairs, MAR files, and Swagger specification files as well as augmenting existing virtual services using RR pairs.
For more information and a full list of supported operations, see VSE Manager Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.
Virtual Service Catalog Enhancements
The following enhancements are available for the Virtual Service Catalog:
  • Enhanced Catalog Settings tab with more configuration options in the UI, including the ability to configure which columns are shown in the Virtual Service Catalog.
  • New columns in the Virtual Services view to see the user who deployed the virtual service and the type of environment (Functional or Performance).
  • You can now download the MAR file for each virtual service from the Actions column.
  • The Virtual Service Details view is now broken into an Operations tab and a new Config Details tab.
For more information about these features, see Configure Virtual Service Catalog.
A new API call is available that lets you get all VSEs based on their status: Active, Inactive, or both. For more information, see Service Virtualization API v3.
Virtual Service and Infrastructure ROI Report
The Virtual Service and Infrastructure ROI Report provides the overall cost savings, based on the savings per virtual service and/or per transaction, from using Service Virtualization. For more information, see Enterprise Dashboard Reports.
RAML 1.0 Support
You can now create virtual services based on the RAML 1.0 specification. For more information, see Create a Service Image from RAML
HTTP/2 Support
You can now create virtual services through recording for any HTTP/2 service that is based on the Application Layer Protocol Negotiation (APLN) standard. For more information, see HTTP/2 Transport Protocol
Red Hat 7.6 and 7.7 Support
DevTest Solutions now supports installation on RHEL 7.6 and 7.7.
Windows 2019 Support
DevTest Solutions now supports installation on Windows Server 2019.
Adopt OpenJDK 8 Support
DevTest Solutions now is supported with Adopt OpenJDK 8, and no longer ships with the Oracle JDK.