Multiple UMP Configuration Upgrade

Follow these steps:
Follow these steps:
  1. Deactivate the wasp probe on the primary and secondary UMP server.
  2. Deactivate the robot running the secondary UMP server.
  3. Delete the symbolic link directory <UIM_installation>/probes/service/data/document_library on the secondary UMP server.
  4. Execute the UMP installer from the primary hub, and select the primary UMP server as the target.
  5. Restart the robot running the secondary UMP server.
  6. Drag the following packages from the Archive to the secondary UMP server:
    • java_jre
    • wasp
    • nisapi_wasp
    • ump
    • ump_<portlet_name>
      Ensure that you drag each of the ump_<portlet_name> packages required for your environment from the Archive.
  7. If they are not already present, add the following keys and addresses to wasp through the Raw Configure option, ump_common section:
    • maintenance_mode = /<domain>/<hub>/<UIM_server>/maintenance_mode
    • udm_manager = /<domain>/<hub>/<UIM_server>/udm_manager
    • mpse = /<domain>/<hub>/<UIM_server>/mpse
  8. On each UMP server, add or uncomment the following two lines in <UIM_installation>/probes/service/wasp/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes/
    • lucene.replicate.write=true
  9. Activate the wasp probe. When it is active, deactivate the wasp probe again.
    Activating and deactivating the wasp probe is required to create the directory described in the next step.
  10. Configure a shared document_library directory on the primary UMP server.
    • For Windows, share the directory <UIM_installation>/probes/service/data/document_library with full read/write access.
    • For Linux, share the directory <UIM_installation>/probes/service/data/document_library via NFS, and ensure that no_root_squash is enabled.
  11. On the secondary UMP server, replace the directory <UIM_installation>/probes/service/data/document_library with a link to the primary document_library share.
    • For Windows, use the
      command as follows:
      mklink /d c:\<UIM_installation>\probes\service\data\document_library \\primary\<document_library_share> 
    • For Linux, use the
      command as follows:
      mount -t nfs <primary>:/<UIM_installation>/probes/service/data/document_library <UIM_installation>/probes/service/data/document_library
  12. (Only required for UMP servers that have interfaces configured with
    both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
    ). Add the following Java VM parameter to the wasp configuration:
  13. Activate the wasp probe on the primary UMP server.
  14. When the wasp is running on the primary UMP server, activate the wasp on the secondary UMP server.
The multiple UMP server configuration is now upgraded.
Clear Browser After Upgrading
If you upgraded from a previous UMP version, clear your browser completely to remove older versions of components that may be cached.
Follow these steps:
  1. Log out of UMP.
  2. Clear the browser cookies and cache.
  3. Exit all browser windows.
  4. Log into UMP.
Ensure that you follow the supported upgrade path described in the CA UIM Support Compatibility Matrix.
Upgrading UMP is done with the same process as installing a new instance of UMP. The
Select UMP Robot
panel of the installer provides the option to Upgrade to UMP <x.x.x.x.>. The installer retains any settings, such as port numbers, that you changed from the default.