Configure the OneView Monitor on Windows IIS

To configure the OneView Monitor GUI on Windows/IIS complete the following procedures:
  1. Read the prerequisites to installing ServletExec on Windows.
  2. Install ServletExec/ISAPI on Windows/IIS.
    The Monitor GUI’s HTML pages are generated by Java Server Pages (JSPs) and servlets hosted on a ServletExec servlet engine running on the same machine as the Policy Server.
  3. Assign modify permissions to the Internet guest account for the
    \monitor\settings folder.
  4. Set permissions for the IIS Users.
  5. If you did not have the Policy Server installation program auto-configure the OneView Monitor GUI, configure it by running the Policy Server Configuration Wizard.
  6. Start the OneView Monitor service.
  7. Access the OneView Monitor GUI.
Prerequisites to Installing ServletExec on Windows
Consider the following prerequisites before installing ServletExec:
  • ServletExec is a third–party product. We recommend that you read the ServletExec documentation before installing the component.
    For more information, see the New Atlanta web site.
  • The Policy Server requires a 32–bit JDK when installed to a supported 64–bit Windows operating system. If you are installing ServletExec/AS 6.0 to a 64–bit Windows operating system, ServletExec requires a 64–bit JVM. If necessary, install a 64–bit JVM before installing ServletExec.
Install ServletExec on Windows IIS
Follow these steps:
  1. If you have a previous version of ServletExec, back it up.
  2. Run the ServletExec installation executable.
    The Policy Server installation kit includes the installation executable for ServletExec/AS 6.0 at the following location:
    For more information about upgrading and installing ServletExec, see the New Atlanta documentation.
  3. If you installed a 64–bit JVM as a ServletExec/AS prerequisite, complete the following steps:
    1. Use the Services control panel to stop the ServletExec service.
    2. (Optional) Uninstall the 64–bit JVM.
    3. Edit the StartServletExec.bat and StopServletExec.bat files to point to the 32–bit JVM.
    4. Use the Services control panel to start the ServletExec service.
  4. Stop and restart the IIS Admin Web service and IIS Web server.
Set Permissions for IIS Users After Installing ServletExec
Since ServletExec/AS runs as part of the IIS process, it runs as different users at different times. As a result, you must set the following permissions for the ServletExec installation directory and subdirectories.
To set permissions for IIS users after installing ServletExec, Make sure the user that runs IIS (for example, Network Services) has read and write access to the entire directory tree under C:\Program Files\New Atlanta.