Defects Fixed in 12.52 SP1 CR04

The following defects are fixed in  12.52 SP1 CR04:
The following defects are fixed in 
CA Single Sign-On
 12.52 SP1 CR04:
Policy Server
NetBIOS and UPN are not Fetched
NetBIOS and UPN are not fetched when trying to access the resource that is configured with HTML Form Authentication for users on Active Directory and when
Use Authenticated User's Security Context
is enabled.
STAR Issue: 21999757-01
RTC Issue: DE68427
Incorrect Search Filters Used for SharePoint Agent
Policy Server for Windows builds search filters incorrectly for SharePoint Agent requests.
STAR Issue: 00124386
RTC Issue: 159147/DE99789
Failure to Retrieve Values for Special Attributes
Policy Server fails to retrieve the value for special attributes such as DominoAccessGroups.
STAR Issue: 21486091-03
RTC Issue: 144453/DE90644
Authorization Failure in Identity Mapping
Authorization fails to work with Identity Mapping.
STAR Issue: 00194700
RTC Issue: 165424/DE85265
Authentication of Radius Server Fails
The Radius server authentication fails due to incorrect Policy Server IP address.
STAR Issue: 00039655, 00101664
RTC Issue: 154234/DE94402
Policy Server Fails to Start
Policy Server fails to start if more than one Global Domains are defined in Policy Store.
STAR Issue: 00123780
RTC Issue: 158902/DE93911
CA RiskMinder Startup Log Shows FATAL Error
The CA RiskMinder startup log reports the following FATAL error:
Mon Apr 28 15:52:41.229 2014 FATAL: pid 24728 tid 1: 2: 0: Quitting".
STAR Issue: 21790126-01
RTC Issue: 63534/DE104786
High CPU Usage
Policy Server experiences high CPU usage.
STAR Issue: 00180246
RTC Issue: 163452/DE112391
Metadata Export Fails
The metadata export fails with unexpected system error.
STAR Issue: 00092176
RTC Issue: 163750/DE111906
HTTP 500 Server Error is Displayed
Web Agent displays the HTTP 500 Server error when a URL ending with .sac extension is accessed.
STAR Issue: 00072566
RTC Issue: 153157/DE104171
Inconsistent Password Change Behavior 
The password change from the Java DMS API results in an inconsistent behavior. 
STAR Issue: 00052653
RTC Issue: 153178/DE104554
User Attributes Modification Fails
Modification of few user attributes using the DMS API results in the modification of all the user attributes.
STAR Issue: 22036629-01
RTC Issue: 159570/DE104660
Duplicate ICU Files Exist
Duplicate ICU shared library files are present in the ICU third-party folder.
STAR Issue: 22000749-01
RTC Issue: 141833/DE79301
CA Access Gateway
 Authenticates Incorrectly
CA Access Gateway
 authenticates a user successfully though the user credentials contain leading or trailing spaces.
STAR Issue: 22050833-01
RTC Issue: 148852/DE114208
Socket Error Occurs During Policy Server Initialization
The socket error:9999 occurs during initialization of Policy Server.
STAR Issue: 21925681-1
RTC Issue: 154402/DE91831
Policy Server Fails to Send an Active Response
Policy Server fails to send an active response when the "Enable Null Value Response" registry is set to 0x1.
STAR Issue: 22032000-02
RTC Issue: 159700/DE103500
CA Single Sign-On
 Fails to Replace Place Holders for CA RiskMinder
CA Single Sign-On
 fails to replace the place holders for CA RiskMinder.
STAR Issue: 00069579
RTC Issue: 156152/DE90351
Sm_AgentApi_Init Fails
Sm_AgentApi_Init fails due to select() call.
STAR Issue: 00078844
RTC Issue: 156789/DE67270
The CA RiskMinder Service Fails to Start
The CA RiskMinder service fails to start after the Policy Server reconfiguration.
STAR Issue: 00069814
RTC Issue: 167520/DE104578
Silent Mode Upgrade Upgrades Policy Store
The silent mode upgrade of Policy Server upgrades the Policy Store.
STAR Issue: 00040957
RTC Issue: 154889/DE96766
CA Single Sign-On
 FSS UI Fails to Open
CA Single Sign-On
 FSS UI fails to open if an expired certificate exists.
STAR Issue: 21958062-01
RTC Issue: 139480/DE96132
Session Assurance Functions Incorrectly
Enabling Session Assurance breaks the existing on-auth-accept-redirect responses used by the GD modules.
RTC Issue: 118937/DE107119
smpolicy.xml Contains Incorrect Default Attributes
smpolicy.xml contains incorrect default attributes for the Sharepointdefaultsettings ACO. 
STAR Issue: 22014585-1
RTC Issue: 141895/DE82640
Policy Server Generates a Core
Deadlock with the ACE initialization functions causes Policy Server to generate a core.
STAR Issue: 00042253
RTC Issue: 149104/DE101138
FedObjects Partnership Service Functions Incorrectly
The FedObjects partnership service returns success when transaction commit fails.
STAR Issue: 00052853
RTC Issue: 147509/DE74786
Policy Server Crashes
Policy Server crashes on the IM tunnel agent call.
STAR Issue: 00200395
RTC Issue: 166137/DE67238
Policy Server Restart is Required for Password Reset
The smreg -su requires Policy Server restart for password reset.
STAR Issue: 00052853
RTC Issue: 150117/DE102338
The smmigratecds Tool Crashes
The smmigratecds tool crashes with the java.lang.Exception error when -validate is used.
STAR Issue: 00097734
RTC Issue: 155562/DE78433
Policy Server Crashes During LDAP Failover
Policy Server crashes during LDAP failover.
STAR Issue: 00083756
RTC Issue: 154392/DE89586
Administrative UI is Not Accessible in Japanese
Administrative UI screen does not display in Japanese in Internet Explorer 8.
STAR Issue: 00043884
RTC Issue: 150754/DE99826
Upgrade of RSA AceLibrary
RSA AceLibrary is upgraded to version 8.1.3
RTC Issue: 168791/DE94469
Scoped Administrator Experiences Poor Restricted Performance
Scoped Administrator experiences poor performance of Administrative UI.
STAR Issue: 00150698
RTC Issue: 165810/DE81830
Policy Server Displays Incorrect Error in Install Logs
Policy Server installer displays the following incorrect non-fatal error in the install logs on Linux whenever the libidn library is missing: 
There are consecutive spaces found in the installation home directory. Ensure that the installation home directory does not contain consecutive spaces.
STAR Issue: 22048512-01
RTC Issue: 159398/DE103333
Policy Server Logs in a Locked Out User
Policy Server allows the log in of a locked out user when the Enhanced AD integration is enabled.
STAR Issue: 00177871 
RTC Issue: 163151/DE106953
The smaccess Log File Displays Fields Incorrectly
The smaccess log file fails to display fields in the first line.
STAR Issue: 00191871, 21742048-01, 00056803
RTC Issue: 137833, 158995/DE71698, DE95265
The SMUSRMSG Cookie Allows Phishing
The SMUSRMSG cookie allows phishing for valid usernames with Novell eDirectory as a user store.
STAR Issue: 00018077
RTC Issue: 157372, 163655/DE75322, DE113070
Modification of Existing ACO Parameter Fails
Administrative UI displays an error if you edit an existing ACO parameter with a different case.
STAR Issue: 21759873-01
RTC Issue: 98823/DE80980
Search for Expressions Fails
In LDAP directories, the search for expressions in policies fails.
STAR Issue: 00078676
RTC Issue: 161565/DE81938
Administrative UI trims "=" or "=="
Administrative UI trims "=" or "==" from the HTTP response.
STAR Issue: 00075855
RTC Issue: 155744/DE75844
Rules Configuration is Displayed Incorrectly
The rules configuration information is displayed incorrectly during modification.
STAR Issue: 00132178
RTC Issue: 165919/DE79448
Policy Time Restrictions Display Incorrect Days
The Policy Time Restrictions page displays incorrect days.
STAR Issue: 00172920
RTC Issue: 163695/DE109846
The Administrative UI Installation Fails
The Administrative UI installation fails with the Oracle WebLogic application server.
STAR Issue: 00138213, 21951273
RTC Issue: 161117/DE90307
Search Filter for Roles Are not Sent to Policy Server
The Member Organizations search filter for roles does not pass to Policy Server.
RTC Issue: 162819/DE71678
Retrieval of the ResponseAttr Expressions Fails 
Retrieval of the ResponseAttr expressions fails when using Java SDK management API.
STAR Issue: 00116593
RTC Issue: 158210/DE112269
The Policy Associations Tab Fails to Function
The Policy Associations tab fails when multiple components are added in the Applications tab.
STAR Issue: 21140746-01
RTC Issue: 127870/DE75639
The Ext-JS Framework Generates Unsecured Cookies
The Ext-JS framework generates unsecured cookies.
STAR Issue: 00035966
RTC Issue: 151107/DE79853
Upgrade of CABI
CABI is upgraded to CABI 4.1 SP3.
RTC Issue: 168550/DE92966
Issue with Password Attributes
User experiences issues with the "Password expires from inactivity" and "Password expires if not changed: After Days".
STAR Issue: 00100029
RTC Issue: 157066/DE76528
OpenSSL Upgrade
OpenSSL is upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1p.
RTC Issue: 167717/DE103349
Web Agent
No Support for Auto Authorization
CA Single Sign-On
 agents do not support auto authorization.
RTC Issue: 168683/DE94552
Vulnerability in SMAUTHREASON is Exposed to Attack
The web agent vulnerability in SMAUTHREASON with non-numeric data is exposed to JSP/JavaScript attack.
STAR Issue: 21589939-01, 21474394-01
RTC Issue: 137831, 137834/DE72676, DE72835
Installer Displays Incorrect Error Message
The installer displays a misleading error message when incorrect host registration credentials are provided.
STAR Issue: 00137500
RTC Issue: 161418/DE86190
Web Agent Displays the HTTP 500 Server Error 
Web Agent reports the HTTP 500 Server error when the Cookie Provider is not defined.
STAR Issue: 00096594
RTC Issue: 155671/DE78890
The HTTP 500 Server Error Occurs
Web Agent displays the HTTP 500 Server error when a URL ending with .sac extension is accessed.
STAR Issue: 00072566
RTC Issue: 153157/DE104171
HTTP Response of BadCSSCharsFound is Incorrect
HTTP Response of BadCSSCharsFound contains incorrect HTML data.
STAR Issue: 00149984
RTC Issue: 163694/DE111843
Web Agent Crashes
Web agent crashes if the HTTP_OPENID_DISC cookie is not present in headers for the OpenID authentication provider.
STAR Issue: 21994387-1
RTC Issue: 161317/DE86714
Duplicate ICU Files Exist
Duplicate ICU shared library files are present in the ICU third-party folder.
STAR Issue: 22000749-01
RTC Issue: 141833/DE79301
The Impersonation Flow Fails
The Impersonation flow fails when the FCC Compat mode is set to YES.
STAR Issue: 00137952
RTC Issue: 160850/DE102716
The SMUSRMSG Cookie Appears Incorrectly
The SMUSRMSG cookie appears even after successful authentication.
STAR Issue: 21783595-01
RTC Issue: 162925/DE74697
The Windows Step-up Authentication Challenges Incorrectly
The Windows Step-up Authentication challenges user with the NTLM dialog with an access denied error.
STAR Issue: 00044314
RTC Issue: 157785/DE106171
Web Agent Initializes Incorrectly
Web Agent initializes though an agent is not configured to a website.
STAR Issue: 00060782
RTC Issue: 151777/DE84661
SMIDENTITY Cookie is Deleted Incorrectly
The SMIDENTITY cookie gets deleted on log out.
STAR Issue: 00056122
RTC Issue: 162301/DE74396
Configuration Wizard Functions Incorrectly
The Web Agent configuration wizard does not add the SSLClientAuth directive for any x509 authentication scheme.
RTC Issue: 162681/DE73068
The Windows PATH Variable Appends Duplicate Values
The Windows PATH variable appends duplicate values after reinstalling Web Agent.
STAR Issue: 22030868-01
RTC Issue: 142415/DE66081
The SunOne WebAgent Terminates Abruptly
The SunOne WebAgent terminates abruptly when a large URL ends with the '%' character.
STAR Issue: 21387029-01, 00078645
RTC Issue: 137739, 156919/DE72506, DE66473
Log Out of WS-Fed Profiles Fails
Log out fails to work for WS-Fed profiles.
RTC Issue: 163133/DE108223
Web Agent Option Pack Fails to Populate the JDK Path
During the silent installation, Web Agent Option Pack fails to populate the JDK path from the silent install properties file.
STAR Issue: 00138236
RTC Issue: 161363/DE86733
The Partnership Federation Account Linking Transaction Fails
The partnership federation Account Linking Transaction fails in Oracle WebLogic.
RTC Issue: 70768/DE71541
The WS-FED Transaction Fails with the Unmarshal Error
The WS-FED transactions fail with the unmarshal error.
RTC Issue: 145223/DE103102
SAML 1.1 Artifact Transaction Fails
SAML 1.1 artifact transaction fails at the SP side.
STAR Issue: 22000073-01, 22000073-01
RTC Issue: 157968, 168479/DE106011, DE91436
CA Access Gateway
The following SPS defects were fixed in 12.52 SP1 CR04:
SharePoint Agent Failure
Agent for SharePoint fails to connect to the backend server using the TLS protocol v1.1 or v1.2 (RTC 161547 / DE81766)
STAR Issue: 00129434
Duplicate ICU Files Exist in the ICU Third Party Folder
Duplicate ICU shared library files are present in the ICU third-party folder. (RTC 141833 / DE79301)
STAR Issue: 22000749-01
Failure with Adding a User Directive
Adding User Directive to httpd.conf fails. (RTC 155551 / DE79999)
STAR Issue: 00054009
sps-ctl Command Failure
The sps-ctl command fails to function as expected for the start and startssl options. (RTC 161686 / DE89162)
STAR Issue: 00029747
Incorrect Values in file
The file has the Unicode UTF-8 encoded Japanese value in place of the \unnnn values. (RTC 138614 / DE111616)
STAR Issue: 21712558-03
Microsoft Office 365 Active Profile Integration Failure
The Microsoft Office 365 active profile integration with 
CA Single Sign-On
 fails when using SamAccountName from Active Directory. (RTC 159158 / DE99473)
STAR Issue: 00123206
Incorrect function of regexp from Apache
The third party regexp from Apache incorrectly parses the regular expression in proxy rules. (RTC 156155 / DE86110)
STAR Issue: 00095314
Tomcat Failure
Tomcat fails to consider the host value configured in the tag in the server.conf file for SPS. (RTC 154314 / DE93491)
STAR Issue: 00081364
Incorrect NTLM Connections
The NTLM connections to the back-end fail to work correctly and experience high CPU usage when the connection pool is full. (RTC 155572 / DE80407)
STAR Issue: 00078645
Policy Server Requests
Policy Server stops servicing requests when STS is deployed and enabled. (RTC 168308 / DE95407)
STAR Issue: 00073907, 00196817, 00217075
NTLM Authentication
The NTLM authentication fails because SPS adds only the Negotiate header. (RTC 166130 / DE67109)
STAR Issue: 00138679
OpenSSL Upgrade
OpenSSL is upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1p (RTC 167717 / DE103349)
The CA SiteMinder SPS java process crashes when configured with multiple virtual hosts. (RTC 156274/155618 / DE68231/DE75430)
STAR Issue: 00138679, 00096354
Web Services Security
The WS Security SAML Assertions Displays Timestamp Incorrectly
The WS Security SAML assertions display the timestamp inside SignedInfo.
STAR Issue: 00042318
RTC Issue: 149520/DE100882
DEBUG Logging of STS Displays Password
Enabling DEBUG logging for STS displays user password.
STAR Issue: 22031738-01
RTC Issue: 143040/DE105527
Performance Degrades in Pure Java Agent API
Performance degrades in pure Java Agent API that uses operating system socket timeout.
STAR Issue: 21348306-01
RTC Issue: 120598/DE95046
Inconsistent Password Change Behavior
The password change from the Java DMS API results in an inconsistent behavior.
STAR Issue: 00052653
RTC Issue: 153178/DE104554
Modification of User Attributes Functions Incorrectly
Modification of few user attributes using the DMS API results in the modification of all the user attributes.
RTC Issue: 159570/DE104660
Sm_AgentApi_Init Fails
Sm_AgentApi_Init fails due to select() call.
STAR Issue: 00078844
RTC Issue: 156789/DE67270