Release Notes

This release notes article provides a summary of key features and enhancements for CA Endevor Integrations for Enterprise DevOps.
This release notes article provides a summary of key features and enhancements for CA Endevor Integrations for Enterprise DevOps. You can view specific details about the updates, changes, and bug fixes for each component release.
CA Endevor Bridge for Git
The CA Endevor Bridge for Git allows you to synchronize CA Endevor inventory locations with Git repositories. You can then work on mainframe elements in Git and synchronize your changes.
2.4.2 (Included in 18.1.3)
The most recent release of Bridge for Git includes:
  • Multi-system / Subsystem mappings
    Support for multi-system / subsystem repository mappings between CA Endevor and a single Git repository.
  • Event-based Sync-back
    Near real time, event-based sync-back from CA Endevor to the Enterprise Git Server.
  • Enhanced Traceability
    Enhanced traceability in Git commits for changes that originate in CA Endevor.
Previous Versions
2.3.1 (Included in 18.1.2)
This release of Bridge for Git includes:
  • Embedded database for Bridge for Git settings and operational data
    There is now an embedded database with the application. Alternatively, you can set your own database for the application information.
  • Cached repository to improve performance
    For more information, see Best Practices for Deployment.
  • Icon and Endevor credentials updates to the user interface
When you update to version 2.3.1 of Bridge for Git, you need to recreate existing mappings that you created before due the addition of the database.
2.2.5 (Validation)
This release of Bridge for Git includes:
  • Support for enterprise GitLab servers
    You can now configure your GitLab server to communicate with Bridge for Git and synchronize mappings between CA Endevor inventory locations and GitLab repositories.
2.2.1 (Included in 18.1.1)
This release of Bridge for Git includes:
  • Support for enterprise Bitbucket servers.
    All functionalities of the Bitbucket Plug-in have been moved to Bridge for Git. The Plug-in has now been deprecated
  • New name for the application
  • Improved handling of multiple commits and managing of squashed commits
  • Extended parameters for logging and SSL support
  • Separate application.yml files and specialized setup for each enterprise Git server
  • Included external library and server hook template in download package
Endevor Bridge for Git Plug-in for Zowe CLI
@LTS (1.0.1)
  • Developer's Build
    Build the changes of your local working directory of a Git-Endevor mapping in CA Endevor.
@latest (2.0)
  • Support for lazy initialization
    Add a new element to the synchronized repository from higher stages in CA Endevor.
  • Multi-system Mapping
    Create a multi-system Git-Endevor mapping using file upload.
Previous Versions
@latest (1.1.0)
  • Developer's build
    Build the changes of your local working directory of a Git-Endevor mapping in CA Endevor.
  • Manage Mapping
    Create and manage simple Git-Endevor mappings.
  • Manage Credentials
    Manage mainframe credentials for Git-Endevor mappings.
2.1.0 (18.1.0)
Explorer for Endevor
The Explorer for Endevor is a plug-in for Visual Studio Code that allows you to view and retrieve elements from the CA Endevor inventory locations that you designate.
0.9.1 (Included in 18.1.2)
Previous Versions
0.9.0 (Included in 18.1.1)
0.1.0 (GA, included in 18.1.0)
Mainframe Webhook Server
The Mainframe Webhook Server allows you to define an HTTP endpoint that can receive notifications of mainframe events. The server monitors the specified locations for file-based events and posts them to a webhook endpoint. Monitor the events to ensure delivery and re-post the events if there is failure.
Release 2.7 (Included in 18.1.3)
The most recent release of the Mainframe Webhook Server includes:
  • Enhanced reliability of webhook delivery in the Mainframe Webhook Server thanks to Endpoint Queue Persistence.
  • New indication of webhook configuration status in the web UI.
Previous Versions
Release 2.6 (Included in 18.1.2)
This release of the Mainframe Webhook Server includes:
  • Allow multiple endpoints
    When you set up a webhook, you can define multiple listeners (endpoints) for the events triggered by Endevor.
  • Default for encoding parameter
    Sets the default encoding parameter for EBCDIC.
Release 2.5 (Included in 18.1.1)
Changes in this release include the fixes from previous versions.
Release 2.4 (Included in 18.1.0)
Changes in this release include:
  • Log Rotation Size
    Validated the size of log rotation. Recommended size is 200MB.
  • Update name of .jar file to not include version number.
  • Improved performance under Tomcat 9.
Release 2.3
Changes in this release include:
  • Improved installation with a refined naming structure
    The current name no longer includes the build number.
  • More detailed information in the email notifications
    A URL is provided to restart webhooks when the server fails. A timestamp is provided for the failure.
  • Refined user experience when using the menus
    The home location and sidebar menus are clearly separated and do not overlap.
Release 2.2
Changes in this release include:
  • Improved display with the correct build on the main page
  • Comprehensive consuming of events regardless of filter
  • Further logging enhancements
  • Better naming pattern
    The new pattern works with a customization of CA Endevor.
  • Defined context listener servlet in web.xml
Release 2.1
Changes in this release include:
  • More detailed and accessible log information, with the time noted
  • Refined server settings
  • Repaired filtering and consumption of events
    You can now filter by application (ELM, PKG) and action type (MOVE, GENERATE, ADD).
  • Fixed internal defects
  • Version of build supplied in footer
    The version displays on all supported screens.
CA Application Lifecycle Conductor 3.0
The CA Endevor Integrations for Enterprise DevOps are shipped with CA Application Lifecycle Conductor, version 3.0. This is the current version for which there are only occasional fixes. The most recent ISO includes the following change:
  • Java Open JDK 8 Certification