Updating Symantec Messaging Gateway software

Do not restart or shut down an appliance while the software update runs. The appliance can become corrupted, and you may not be able login to the Control Center afterwards. You can view the Linux console for details. Most likely you will need to reinstall the product.
Software update procedure describes the steps to prepare and run a software update.
Software update procedure
Step 1
Download current version and burn it on the DVD.
Download current version from and burn it in a DVD for recovery purposes.
Step 2
Read software update documentation.
Read the software update notes, release notes, and late-breaking news for the software update. The documentation may describe special steps to prepare for the software update.
Step 3
Reduce stored data before performing a backup.
Symantec recommends you to reduce storage utilization before upgrading the Control Center appliance. Reducing stored data before performing a backup frees disk space for a backup operation and also reduces the software update time.
You can reduce stored data by performing any or all of the following steps:
  • Spam and content quarantined messages are stored in the Control Center disks.
    Delete all messages from spam quarantine and content quarantine to free the Control Center disk space.
  • Reports and logging data are stored in the Control Center database.
    To reduce the Control Center database:
    • Purge all reports.
    • If your site policies let you, delete all log files.
Step 4
Perform a backup.
Perform a backup to save your configuration settings and incidents.
Step 5
Stop incoming messages and drain the queues.
If you are running software update on a Scanner or a combination Control Center and Scanner, set the MTA operation to
Do not accept incoming messages
. Incoming messages are temporarily rejected. After you stop incoming messages, flush messages to drain them from the queues.
Do not stop the Scanner Services as described in that section.
Step 6
Validate the database.
Ensure that you validate the database using the
cc-config database --check
Step 7
Run the software update.
Run the software update either using the Control Center or the
command from the command line interface.
Step 8
Monitor the update progress.
You can monitor the progress of the update through the
Software Update Progress
Optionally, you can monitor the update process by running the
tail -f update.log
on the command line. Run the command before the software update so you can see the data being written to the log.
Step 9
Restart incoming messages.
After the update completes, your Web browser window restarts and displays the login page. Log into the Control Center. If you ran the software update on a Scanner or a combination Control Center and Scanner, set the MTA operation to
Accept and deliver messages normally