Uninstalling the cloud agent

In Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition (SEP SBE) cloud, you can uninstall the agent from your computers in two ways by using either:
  • The management console
  • The computer's control panel
The agent can be removed from any computer by default. However, your organization's Account Administrator may restrict removal of a computer agent by imposing a password on the removal operation. This change is accomplished within the management console
  1. To require a password on agent removal
    , in the SEP SBE Management Console, click
  2. In the
    page, click
    Computer Settings
  3. Under
    Uninstall Password
    , activate the check-box to
    Require password for uninstall
    . This forces the entry of a password before the removal of the agent from any of your computers.
  4. When you finish, click
    Save Changes
    . The uninstall program now requires the administrative password before you proceed with the uninstall of the cloud agent.
  5. To uninstall SEP SBE cloud from the management console
    , in the SEP SBE Management Console, click
  6. Locate the computer from which you want to remove SEP SBE and click it to open the
    Computer Profile
  7. On the
    Computer Profile
    page, click
    This action initiates the remote removal of SEP SBE cloud from the computer and deletes the computer from organization's account.
    The uninstall is performed silently on the endpoint computer.
  8. To uninstall SEP SBE cloud from the agent computer
    , in your computer's
    Control Panel
    , click
    Add or Remove Programs
    and locate
  9. Select
    and then click
  10. Select whether you want to uninstall all your Symantec.cloud services or individual services, and then click
  11. If the Account Administrator requires a password to remove an agent, you are prompted for the removal password before the uninstall operation begins.