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Broadcom Announces Day One Support for IBM z15

By Greg Lotko, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mainframe Division, Broadcom Inc.


Time for a New Generation?

I’m a car guy.   In fact, my team tells me I use way too many car analogies.  Maybe, but I find it useful as a proxy when talking about IT platforms and experiences.   Some of you may have heard me talk about this before, but it merits repeating.  Let’s take one of the most successful, longest running automotive platforms – the Corvette.  Admittedly my favorite, so much so that I even travelled to the factory to build the motor for mine in 2012.  Since 1953, each successive generation of the platform provided new capabilities and experiences for the enthusiast driver.

Earlier this year, General Motors announced the C8 as the latest generation of the platform.  It’s a game changer with a mid-engine design providing an unprecedented and exhilarating driving experience.  I've read a lot about it and hope to drive one soon!

Organizations with mainframes too are finding themselves in a position to upgrade.  Today, IBM announced the availability of the z15, extending IBM Z as a secured and open hybrid multicloud platform, with new innovations across security, data privacy, and resiliency.  One new feature that particularly caught my eye is IBM System Recovery Boost.  Keeping with the car analogy, this would be like adding a nitrous oxide boost kit to my corvette: after completing a pit stop, I can temporarily boost the outut for a burst of speed to catch up.  All z15s come with this feature for no additional HW or IBM SW charges.  This is a great differentiator for the platform and we fully endorse this approach for SW charges.

According to Ross Mauri, general manager, IBM Z “As clients address their mission critical workloads - the 80% of their workloads that are not yet in a hybid multicloud - security, privacy, cloud-native development and resiliency are key considerations for tackling the challenges associated with this next phase of digital transformation.  Our ongoing collaboration with Broadcom enables organizations to take advantage of the strengths of z15 to deliver a more open, integrated and secure environment for mission critical workloads."

Day-1 Support

I'm also pleased to announce today Broadcom’s “Day One” support for IBM’s z15 across our Broadcom CA Technologies mainframe solutions.   At the same time, our engineering teams continue to explore specific ways to exploit new features being offered in z15.  Broadcom has been an active participant in IBM's z15 Early Test Program since June, as an ISV parter.  In addition, I'm excited that we've acquired our own z15 as part of the IBM Early Support Program.  Through our strategic partnership with IBM and our own investment in z15, we're positioned to Provide Day-1 Support and help our clients accelerate the time-to-value realized from the platform's latest innovations.  Expect to hear more in this space over the coming months.

Our commitment of support reflects how digital transformation is driving an ever-changing IT landscape, and we recognize the architectural and organizational challenges of a hybrid-multicloud world.  With the mainframe at the center of these changes, organizations need to make the strategic investments in the platform.

Open Platforms Matter in a Hybrid-Multicloud World

Broadcom is making the mainframe as easy to use as any other platform.  That’s been the driving force of our Zowe™ commitment in collaboration with IBM and Rocket Software.  Zowe is gaining momentum with the mainframe community as witnessed by the many educational sessions and seminars given at major events such as SHARE, IDUG, and others.  In fact, that’s why Broadcom now offers full-stack support for Zowe.

Going further, our contributions in forming the Eclipse Che4z project provides new-age mainframe developers with a lightweight hosted IDE, based on Eclipse Che.

Reducing friction makes you more resilient

We’re well aware of the skills challenges facing our industry.  So, building a mainframe talent pool for the here and now as well as the future is critical to address technological and cultural change.  Broadcom's  mainframe vitality program is an industry-first initiative in helping create a sustainable workforce skilled on Broadcom CA Mainframe products for our customers at no-charge.

The hybrid-multicloud world is also setting new expectations on how organizations consume and manage their infrastructure resources.  Broadcom has addressed this challenge with our Mainframe Consumption Licensing (MCL) program.  Launched in concert with IBM’s Tailored Fit Pricing, MCL brings a cloud-like pricing framework that provides better predictability and visibility into your mainframe software spend.

To learn more about Broadcom's Day One support for IBM z15 and a list of supported products, click here.