Using Your Dashboard

Your dashboard shows you, at a glance, the information that is most important to you across projects, teams, and workspaces.
You may use your dashboard as your primary place to work in
. You can use apps to make updates, get status information, and view charts. Select
Home, Dashboard
to get started.
Your dashboard helps you quickly see:
  • What has changed that's relevant to you
  • If you are going to meet your commitment
  • If you need to adapt your plan
  • Who may need your help
  • If any work items need your attention
When you first logged into
, you may have been asked to identify your role.
uses this information to set up a default dashboard for you. You can always add apps from other roles to your dashboard, and you can customize your dashboard with available apps at any time. Learn more.
Customizing your dashboard with apps works like using a custom page. Learn more.
You can access your dashboard at any time to view or update your project, team, or workspace data. You can also edit your profile to set your dashboard as your default login page. Learn more.