Installation Verification

To verify CA Business Intelligence Installation: 
To verify installation, launch the CA Business Intelligence JasperReports® Server User Interface.
To verify CA Business Intelligence Installation: 
  1. Ensure that Apache Tomcat and database services are started.
      Windows OS:
      If installation was performed using bundled version of Apache Tomcat and PostgreSQL on a Windows, the following CA Business Intelligence JasperReports® Server Windows services that were created and start are:
      • CA Business Intelligence Tomcat
      • CA Business Intelligence PostgreSQL
      Linux OS:
      To start CA Business Intelligence JasperReports® Server service on Linux OS:
      • Navigate to apache-tomcat/bin directory and run
        cd /opt/CA/SharedComponents/CABI/apache-tomcat/bin
      • If the bundled PostgreSQL database is being used, the following command can be used to start PostgreSQL (it starts with the postgres account):
        su postgres -c '/opt/CA/SharedComponents/CABI/postgresql/bin/pg_ctl
        -D /opt/CA/SharedComponents/CABI/postgresql/data -l logfile1'
  2. Open a Web browser and specify the CA Business Intelligence JasperReports® Server URL:
    http://<hostname>:<tomcat port number>/<webappname>
    For example:
  3. Log into CA Business Intelligence JasperReports® Server using 
     as username and password credentials.