Step 2 - Configure the pre-built CA Process Automation Workflows for CA Service Catalog

Step 2 - Configure the pre-built CA Process Automation Workflows for CA Service Catalog
  1. Log in to CA Service Catalog as the Service Delivery Administrator (spadmin).
  2. Click
  3. Go to
    CA Process Automation
    section, and then click the
    button to initiate CA Process Automation.
  4. Enter the CA Process Automation Administrator username and password, and click
    Log in
  5. Click the
    The following screen appears:
  6. Click the CA SLCM folder to open it.
  7. Double-click SLCM_GlobalDataset.
    Specify the Login Parameters.
  8. Click the Checkout icon Checkout icon in the SLCM_GlobalDataset screen.
    In the Login Parameters Value Definition screen, provide the Service Delivery Administrator user ID, password, and business Unit from the CA Service Catalog installation.
  9. Click the CA SLCM folder to open it.
  10. Double-click SLCM_GlobalDataset.
  11. Click the Misc Parameters CHANGE ME section and modify the Administrator_Email and EmailFromAddress.
    Click the Misc Parameters CHANGE ME section.
  12. Click the
    icon, then click the
    Check in
    The following screen appears:
    Check In the details.
  13. Enter any appropriate check-in comments and click OK.
  14. Follow steps 4-8 for the SDM_GlobalDataset located in the CA SDM folder. Note that Administrator_Email and EmailFromAddress is located in the Parameters section.
  15. Expand the CA SDM folder and click the SRF folder.
  16. Right click the Service_Publishing Start Request Form and select Properties.
  17. Click the
    tab, then the
  18. Click in the text area and type chgcat then click
  19. Follow steps 12-14 for the HWSW_FilledFromInventory Start Request Form.
  20. Click the Configuration Browser tab  
  21. Click the Modules tab and double click the CA Service Desk Module.
  22. Right-click  and select Lock.
  23. Update the Service Desk WebService URL, Service Desk Administrator User ID (ServiceDesk), and the Service Desk Administrator password. Click Apply.
  24. Click the Modules tab again and double click the Alert Module.
  25. Update the SMTP Server for Outgoing e-mail and the From Address for Outgoing e-mail. Click Apply.
  26. Right-click  and select Unlock. Click Ok to the confirmation popup.
  27. Close CA Process Automation.