Configuration Item Families

To create a new configuration item family:
Configuration item families are broad categories you can use to classify your network resources. You can assign configuration item classes to families. By doing this, individual configuration items are automatically assigned to families when they are assigned to classes. The configuration item family controls the kind of record displayed.
To create a new configuration item family:
  1. From the Administration tab, navigate to the Configuration Item Families List.
    The Configuration Item Family List page displays.
  2. Click Create New.
    The Create New Configuration Item Family page displays.
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    1. Name 
      - A unique identifier for the configuration item family.
    2. Record Status
       - Indicates whether the configuration item family is active or inactive.
    3. Extension Name
       - Specifies an extension value related to a physical table name in the database. When you select an extension name in the drop-down list, the Physical Table Name field appears in the read-only Physical Table Name field.
    4. Description 
      - Provides a detailed description of the configuration item family. You can use this field to further identify the configuration item classes assigned this family.
  4. Click one of the following buttons:
    1. Save 
      - Saves the configuration item family and closes the window.
    2. Cancel 
      - Closes the window without saving any changes
    3. Reset 
      - Returns all fields to their previously saved values.