Configuration Item List

You can enter search criteria to filter the Configuration Item List to display only the items you want to see. You can also search for individual configuration items that you want to view or edit. To search for a configuration item
  1. On the Administration tab, navigate to the Configuration Item (CI) List .
    The Configuration Item Search page appears.
  2. Complete one or more of the search fields.
  3. (Optional) Click More to display additional search fields.
  4. Click Search.
    The Configuration Item List page opens to display the items that match your search criteria. You can select a CI to view or edit, or right-click a CI to display its menu.
    : You can export list results to Excel for use outside of CA SDM by clicking the Export button on the List page.
Configuration Item Detail
Configuration Item Detail pages identify a CI and determine which type of page appears so that you can create or manage the CI. CI Name and the CI Class are required. An asterisk (*) identifies a field that is required. If you use change verification, informational messages appear at the top of the detail form.
When you assign the new CI to a CI class, the CI family is automatically assigned (because a class is already associated with a family). When you click Continue on the initial Create New Configuration Item page, the appropriate CI page appears, depending on the family.
For a list of the default CA CMDB families and the classes they contain, see the CA CMDB Technical Reference Guide.
You can display the Create New Configuration Item page by choosing New CI from the File menu on the main page. To display the Update Configuration Item page, click Edit from the CI Detail page.
You can also navigate to the CI page from the Administration tab by using the CI List item in the menu tree.
The displayed fields can differ depending on the CI class selected. The CI Family determines what appears on the Attributes tab.
CA Business Service Insight Integration
When you integrate CA Business Service Insight and CA SDM, the BSI Service tab displays Exceeds and Violations counts. The BSI Service by Metric and BSI Contract by Metric tabs display the Metric, Violation, Compliant, and Target attributes.
These tabs only appear for CIs with Federated Asset mappings to the CA Business Service Insight MDR.
The integration provides the following reports:
  • Service Level Compliance
    Displays information about CA SDM Enterprise Service family CIs.
  • Modified Service Level by Metric vs. Target
    Displays information about CA SDM Enterprise Service family CIs.
  • Modified Service Level by Contract vs. Target
    Displays information for CA SDM Contract family CIs when you enter a valid CA Business Service Insight Contract Party and you refresh the report.
Consider the following information to help you debug error messages:
  • For an incorrect CA Business Service Insight MDR userID or SharedSecret, the error message displays Invalid username/
  • For an incorrect CA Business Service Insight host name, the error message displays BSI host name is unknown.
  • For an invalid Contract Party in the BSI Contract by Metric tab, the error message displays there is no metric data for the contract for the Reporting Period.
  • If no CA Business Service Insight reports are associated with a particular Service or Contract, the error message displays one of the following messages:
    • For Services, there are no service details report for federated service id.
    • For Contracts, there is no metric data for the contract for the Reporting Period.
  • If CA Business Service Insight services are down on the CA Business Service Insight computer, the error message displays the CA Business Service Insight host name is unknown.