Knowledge Management Impact

This article contains the following topics:
This article contains the following topics:
The impact of multi-tenancy on your knowledge environment depends on the tenant restrictions that are placed on users:
  • Tenant Users
    Substitutes the logo of the tenant for the default, if the role is restricted to a single tenant.
  • Tenant Administrators
    This option enables administrators to view both public and tenant-specific data. List pages for these objects automatically include a Public column specifying whether or not the list row is public.
    When searching for knowledge, the filter contains a Public Data drop-down list with selections of Include (default), Exclude, and Only.
Objects such as approval process templates, categories, documents, files and forums are tenant optional.
Knowledge Categories and Documents
Knowledge Documents and Knowledge Categories are both tenant optional. Consider the following information for tenant optional and public objects:
  • Public Knowledge Documents can only be added under public Knowledge Categories.
  • Public Knowledge Categories can only be added under public categories. 
  • Tenant categories can be added under public categories and under tenant categories.
  • Only tenant documents can be added under tenant categories.
  • Public and tenanted documents can be added under public categories.
The Cut/Copy/Paste category functionality is allowed only if the source and destination have the same tenant, or if the destination is public.
Repositories are defined as tenant optional, so the administrator can create different repositories for different tenants.
Embedded images are allowed only when the document and image are set to the same tenant. Attachment Folders, Attachments and Attachments to document links are also defined as tenant optional.
FAQ Rating
When viewing the FAQ rating for tenant users, consider the following information about public documents:
  • Public documents are viewed by a larger audience than tenant users.
    The FAQ rating of public documents is higher than a tenant-specific document.
  • Each tenant has different needs, so usage patterns are different between tenants.
The Top Solutions on the CA SDM home page displays the top five public documents, as well as a tenant's top five documents.
You can configure the Top Solutions by navigating to Knowledge, Solution Survey, FAQ Settings on the Administration tab.
Knowledge Report Card
The Knowledge Report Card allows analysts and administrators to view various metrics such as document creation, publication, hits, and votes. This report is for a predetermined time period, per analyst, category, and organization.
When using the Knowledge Report Card to provide information for a role having single tenant access, the data is limited by the tenant criteria.