Service Provider

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This article contains the following topic:
The service provider is the primary tenant (owner) in a CA SDM multi-tenancy installation. The first tenant added to a CA SDM installation is always the service provider tenant. The service provider tenant cannot have a parent tenant.
CA SDM associates the privileged user (typically ServiceDesk on Windows, or srvcdesk on Linux/UNIX) with the service provider tenant.
Only the service provider tenant can perform any of the following CA SDM tasks:
  • Set the CA SDM options
  • Set the Knowledge Management options
  • Set the Support Automation options
  • Create the tables or columns
  • Create, edit, or delete the tenants
  • Allow the tenants to have subtenants
  • Update the public data
    An administrator can grant tenant users access to data other than their own. The Non-Service Provider tenant analysts have access to only their tenant and sub-tenants. For example, a role definition can set separate read and write access to certain tenant groups for users within that role.
 When a tenant is created and set as the service provider, the service provider check box and record status fields are read-only.
Service Provider Administration
The service provider can permit tenants to administer their own settings. The Tenant administrators have access to a subset of administration tasks that is the same for all tenants. The default Tenant Administrator role defines the administration functions that are available to tenant administrators. To designate a user as a tenant administrator, select the Tenant Administrator for that user role.