Configure CA Service Desk Manager

This section contains the following articles:
This section contains the following articles:
Any “modifications” or “adaptions” or “configurations” that are done administratively through the interface (web browser, command-line, Web Screen Painter) are “supported”, meaning CA Support can assist with basic suggestions and trouble-shooting.  CA Support does not do the changes for the customer, they are the customer’s responsibility.  For example, adding a field to a table and putting the field on a form through Web Screen Painter is a fully supported “modification”.  Another example, installing or uninstalling a feature through the Options Manager administration is a fully supported “configuration”.
Anything to do with SPEL code, Java scripting (or any language scripting), or a customer-specific change to the underlying base code-line (done by CA Services or a Partner), is not supported by CA Support.   The customer can do these things, but the customer is responsible for the support, maintenance, and trouble-shooting when things go wrong.  If such “customizations” affect expected out-of-the-box behavior, CA Support will ask the customer to remove the customizations and see if the behavior persists.
Any general configuration that you define for CA Service Desk Manager must be in the valid format to avoid erroneous values for the parameters.