Contact Types

Contact types are used to categorize CA SDM users into logical groupings based on how they use the system. For example, some of the many contact types that are predefined by the system are analyst, customer, and group. These predefined contact types meet the needs of most CA SDM implementations; however, if your circumstances require it, you can modify the predefined contact types and create contact types. When you define users as contacts, you can associate a contact type with each one. You can base notification on contact type, which allows you to send a notification message to all contacts of a particular type.
You can select users based on contact type in various contexts. For example, most list and selection windows that display contacts have a search field where you can select a contact type as a search criterion.
Determine Behavior Based on Contact Type
The contact
determines which contacts display (and have permission) in different situations. For example, when you manually assign any type of ticket, such as a request or an issue, the field to specify the assignee requires that the person you specify have a contact type of analyst. If you choose to select a contact from a selection list for this field, only contacts with the type of analyst display in the selection list. Entering a contact with a different type displays the analyst search screen only.
An important feature of the contact type is in the implementation of groups of contacts through the predefined group contact type.