This article contains the following topics:
This article contains the following topics:
You can use CA SDM to post announcements to users. Announcements help decrease the number of incoming calls and promote increased productivity through proactive resolution of tickets and communication of important information to all affected users. Users can scroll through stored multiple announcements.
Announcements apply to all service desk models.
You can add new announcements and update existing ones. Announcements are part of the reference data function of CA SDM, so by using the access type you can control which contacts can create announcements.
An announcement can specify either or both of the following:
  • Location
    Specifies a physical location, for example, a city, building, or floor.
  • Organization
    Specifies an organization ID. When Organization is set for an Announcement, only individuals assigned to that Organization can see the Announcement.
When Location or Organization is set for an announcement, only contacts at that location or organization receive it. Any contact can still see all announcements that are not restricted by location or organization. For example, if neither is set, contacts in every location and organization can see an announcement.
You can specify announcements using the administrative function of the web interface.
View Announcements
Announcements are used to convey important information about the system to the users. Current announcements display in the right pane of the main window when you first login to the system.
To display the Announcements page, choose View, Announcements. 
Create an Announcement
Announcements are used to convey important information about the system to the users.
: If multi-tenancy is installed, select the appropriate tenant from the drop-down list. The public (shared) option creates the object for all tenants.
Follow these steps:
  1. On the Scoreboard, select File, New Announcement.
    The Create New Announcement window opens.
  2. Fill in the fields as appropriate. See Announcement Fields for field definitions.
  3. To insert a link to a Knowledge Document in the announcement, click Knowledge Doc.
    The Knowledge Document search page displays.
  4. Search for the document you want to include. See Search Knowledge Documents for more information.
  5. In the Link Text field, type the text to be used to link to the document.
  6. Click Insert Document.
    The HTML code linking to the Knowledge Document is added to the Text field.
  7. Click Save to save the announcement.
    The new announcement is added to the right pane of the main window.
Announcement Fields
  • Text
    -- Enter the text of the announcement. Click Spelling to perform a spell check of the text you entered. This field is required.
    If you insert a link to a Knowledge Document, the HTML code for that link is displayed in this field.
  • Location
    -- The location where the announcement is displayed. Enter the name of the location directly into the field, or click the search icon to search for the location.
  • Internal
    -- Select this option if this announcement should only be shown to internal employees.
  • Organization
    -- The organization where the announcement is displayed. Enter the name of the organization directly into the field, or click the search icon to search for the organization.
  • Announcement Type
    -- Determines the urgency of the announcement and the color of the announcement text displayed in the window. Asterisks are displayed next to the posted date for color blind or visually impaired users.
    The possible values are:
    • Routine --
      Black text. No asterisks.
    • Advisory
      -- Orange text. One asterisk, after the date.
    • Emergency
      -- Red text. Two asterisks, after the date.
  • Status
    -- Indicates whether the announcement is active (displayed) or inactive (not displayed).
  • Close Date/Time
    -- The date and time to stop displaying the announcement. Enter the date and time in the format mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm AM | PM, or click the calendar icon to select the date and time.
Internal Announcement Visibility
You can control whether an announcement is visible to internal users by using the Internal check box on the Create New Announcement page. The View Internal Logs setting of the access type of the logged in user controls whether a user can view items marked as internal.
Specify Announcement Urgency
You can specify the urgency of an announcement record.
To specify announcement urgency
  1. Create an announcement or navigate to the Announcement Detail page to edit an existing announcement.
  2. Select one of the following values from the Announcement Type drop-down list:
    • Routine
      Displays in black text.
    • Advisory
      Displays in orange text.
    • Emergency
      Displays in red text.
    Click Save.
    The announcement record is color-coded in the Announcements List page.