Step 5 - Call each Web Service

This article contains the following topics:
This article contains the following topics:
Use a Java Program to Call a Web Service
The Java-related specifications and parameter-related specifications are specific to your program. For more information, see the Axis and web service related-related sections of website.
Use a JavaScript Program to Call a Web Service
Developers can access web services directly through JavaScript programs. This ability enables web programmers and system administrators to invoke methods remotely through DHTML or Windows Scripting Host. The ability to call web services through client-side scripting gives web developers greater flexibility to create dynamic web sites.
For more information, see the web service-related portions of the workshop sections of the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN).
Follow these steps:
  1. Review the following sample files and use them as models to create your own programs. These files reside at:
    USM_HOME\ view\webapps\usm\admin
    • soapTest_index.html
    • soapTest_bottom.html
    • soapTest.html. This file contains the JavaScript code to call web service.
    The sample files provide a sample HTML that gets the list of all accounts for a business unit, using synchronous method calls.
    The sample files support both synchronous and asynchronous method calls. When you use asynchronous calls, the web browser does not lock during calls and responds to user input.
  2. Open the soapTest_index.html file in your browser.
  3. Complete the fields and run the file.
    The file runs and calls the web service. The page dynamically creates an HTML table with the list of accounts.