Implementing CA Service Management 14.1.02

 14.1.02 is a cumulative patch for  14.1 and 14.1.01, which provides new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.
CA Service Management
 14.1.02 is a cumulative patch for
CA Service Management
 14.1 and 14.1.01, which provides new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.
The following patches are available for Windows and Non-Windows environment to download from CA Support
  • RO86281 (Windows)
  • RO86285 (Linux)
  • RO86282 (Solaris)
  • RO86295 (AIX)
To install
CA Service Management
14.1.02, it is mandatory to have
CA Service Management
14.1 or 14.1.01 installed in the system.
If you have an integrated environment for CA Service Catalog and Unified Self-Service,  ensure to install
CA Service Management
14.1.02 on top of
CA Service Management
14.1.01. An alternative is to request for a solution for problem# 25 to avoid any integration errors. For more information, contact CA Support.
Prerequisites for
CA Service Management
 14.1.02 Installation
Verify and complete the following prerequisites before proceeding with
CA Service Management
 14.1.02 installation :
  • To install and use cumulative patch, ensure that
    CA Service Management
     14.1 or 14.1.01 is installed in your environment. For more information, visit CA Technical Support.
  • Back up your system database (MDB) before installing the cumulative patch. This is mandatory and ensures safe data recovery if any problems are encountered during the installation process.
  • Before installing the patch, ensure that you have read the
    CA Service Management
     14.1.02 Release notes for
    What’s New in this Release
    , fixes, and known issues. For more information, see CA Service Management Release 14.1.02 Enhancements.
Prerequisites for CA Service Desk Manager and Unified Self-Service Installation
Do not invoke ApplyPTF manually in your system while running the
CA Service Management
 14.1.02 patch installer. If ApplyPTF is invoked, an alert message may appear that you can run only one ApplyPTF at a time, and the task of applying CA SDM or USS patch gets completed without applying the patch. 
Prerequisites for CA Asset Portfolio Management Installation
Complete the following prerequisites before proceeding with CA APM 14.1.02 installation:
Install .NET 4.5.2 framework on Windows Server 2008:
To install .NET 4.5.2 framework on Windows Server 2008, complete the following steps:
  1. Navigate to .NET 4.5.2 framework
    Root folder/filestore/
  2. Execute
  3. Follow on-screen instructions. Click
  4. Review the summary screen.
  5. Click
    to exit the installer.
    .NET 4.5.2 framework is now installed.
Add ASP.NET in IIS on Windows Server 2012
To add ASP.NET in IIS on Windows Server 2012, perform the following steps:
  1. Open Server Manager.
  2. Navigate to
    Add Roles and Features
  3. Follow on-screen instructions. Select installation type and destination server.
  4. Select
    from the select server roles pane, expand
    Web Server (IIS)
    Application Development (IIS)
  5. Select
    ASP.NET 3.5
    ASP.NET 4.5
  6. Click
  7. Follow on-screen instructions and complete the installation.
    ASP.Net is now added in IIS.
For more information on supported operating system, databases, web browsers, and so on, see Supportability Matrix.
Additionally, if you want to identify and list the
CA Service Management
 product patches installed in your system, you can run SMPatchReport utility. For more information, see Run SMPatchReport Utility to Get Installed Patches List.