Uninstall CA Service Desk Manager

To uninstall CA Service Desk Manager, 
To uninstall CA Service Desk Manager, 
  1. Depending upon the operating system, 
    • (Windows) From the Start menu, select All Programs, CA, Service Desk Manager, Uninstall.
    • (Linux/ UNIX) Go to the directory where you installed CA SDM (NX_ROOT/SDUninstall) and use ./SDUninstall.
    A message window appears.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Choose the option to keep all the files or to remove them during the uninstallation, and click Next.
  4. Choose the services that you want to shutdown and click Next.
  5. After the services are stopped, click Uninstall.
    The uninstallation process starts.
  6. Select the option to restart the system (recommended for Windows) after the uninstallation and click Done. 
At the end of the topic, you have successfully uninstalled CA SDM. Proceed to Run the UninstallCleanup utility.