Create a Ticket in the xFlow Analyst Interface

This section explains how to create a ticket in the xFlow Analyst Interface:
This section explains how to create a ticket in the xFlow Analyst Interface:
Create a Ticket from the Multi-faceted Search Bar
Multi-faceted Search bar allows you to search for a contact, view the number of open tickets for that contact, and create a ticket.
The type of ticket that an analyst creates depends on the assessment of the user's requirement during the call. 
The following scenario explains how an analyst creates an Incident when the default ticket type is Request.
  1. Quan, the manager at, encounters the Blue Screen of Death after rebooting his laptop. He contacts the Service Desk and Dustin, an IT Analyst, receives the call or E-mail.
  2. Dustin searches for Quan's name in the multi-faceted search field. The search results display Quan's details and the number of open tickets for him.
  3. Dustin hovers over Quan's name from the search results and selects the
    New Ticket
  4. As this scenario fulfils the criteria for an incident, Dustin enters the following command in the command bar:
    /Incident (or) /IN
  5. As Quan describes his problem, Dustin enters a brief description in the command bar.
  6. The command bar evaluates what Dustin types and if a Smart Word is detected, it is highlighted in yellow. A Smart Word provides suggestions for categories and templates.
    Optionally, Dustin can apply a category and template to the ticket, and press Enter in the command bar.
    : Dustin can still create the ticket if a Smart Word is not detected. To add a category after creating the ticket, see Command Bar.
  7. A grid requesting additional information is displayed. As and when Dustin enters the additional information, it is removed from the grid and is displayed on the Timeline.
  8. Dustin must press the Enter key in the command bar, and review the details by selecting the 
    Show All
     button on the grid.
  9. Dustin can complete creating the ticket by pressing the Enter key in the command bar.
Quick Profile
Quick Profile is displayed when an analyst creates a new ticket or when a ticket is accessed in the card or list view.
The contact widget displays the name, designation, organization name, address, email address (clickable), VIP status, and profile picture of the user.
Contact Card.png