CA SDM Environment Promotion Limitations

The following limitations apply to CA SDM Environment Promotion:
The following limitations apply to CA SDM Environment Promotion:
  1. Delete operation is not supported.
    For example, removing a role from an access type on the source system does not get promoted to the target system. 
  2. Selective customization promotion is not supported.
    For example, a user who has created multiple schema changes in the development system cannot promote selective changes to the target system.
  3. Objects in the exclude list that are defined in the 
    file get linked to the promoted object only if those records are available in the target system.
    For example, OOTB cnt object is in the exclude list and you try exporting a pcat object with area 
    as testarea
     having an assignee as
    . After importing the pcat object to the target system, if the user (
    exists on the target system, the
    record is linked to the
    as an assignee. If the user (
    ) does not exist on the target system, the assignee field for this record is empty.
  4. CA SDM administrators cannot promote a soft link on a Non-Windows system.
  5. When you press
    on the console where the promotion operation is running, a confirmation message appears
    to terminate the job. The promotion operation is terminated irrespective of the selection.
  6. When exporting or importing large amount of data, you may observe the following scenarios:
    1. If you encounter the error 
      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
       during import, do the following tasks:
      • Update the JVM:
        • Navigate to the
          /bin/ folder and open the 
           file in edit mode.
        • Add the memory heap size parameter to the data import manager jar file: %NX_JRE_INSTALL_DIR%/bin/java" -cp %JAVA_CP% -a %*
          For example:  Add the heap size as 1024MB to the data import manager jar file:  %NX_JRE_INSTALL_DIR%/bin/java" 
           -cp %JAVA_CP% -a %*
          For a 32-bit operating system, you can define the maximum heap size as 4 GB only.
      • Reduce the export package size in the following ways:
        • Select a smaller filter range from the User Interface.
          For example, search filter is set to 30 days, reduce the date range to 15 days and export again.
        • Decrease the value of the MAXDEPTH property in the 
          The objects that are exported are restricted to the defined maximum level. Manually export the dependent objects that are beyond the maximum depth level.
    2. When large amount of MDB data is selected for promotion, export or import may take several hours to complete. Before you initiate export or import, perform MDB level setting. For more information about the MDB level setting, see How to Move the CA MDB Data from the Source to the Target Systems.