Verify the Prerequisites for CA Service Management Mobile Application

 Mobile Application is certified for the following mobile operating systems: 
CA Service Management
 Mobile Application is certified for the following mobile operating systems: 
  • iOS
  • Android
For information about the supported versions of the operating system, see the Supportability Matrix .
As an administrator, verify the following requirements before you configure
CA Service Management
 Mobile Application:
  • To access Unified Self-Service capability, install and configure CA Open Space 3.0 or higher to the CA Service Desk Manager server.
  • To access Service Desk capability (For Analyst):
    • Associate the logged in users for Analyst Queue with the REST Web Service API role. Login to Classic CA SDM Interface and navigate to
      Security and Role Management
      Access Types
      Access Type List
      . For example, click 
      Access Type to edit/update the role of the logged in user.  
      Rest Web API Service.png  
      Ensure that the
      , Stored Query, and
      function accesses of this role are assigned with the View or Modify access levels.  For more information about function access, access level and roles, see the  Administering CA Service Desk Manager
    • Install “Status_Policy_Violations” option on the CA Service Desk Manager Server with “Reject” as its value to ensure that the condition attached to the status transition rules are validated correctly.
When CA Service Desk Manager users use the mobile application, they see that the status is updated even when the condition attached to the status transition rule fails. For example, consider a scenario when the “Status_Policy_Violations” is set to “Warn”, and the status transition rule states that there must be an assignee assigned to the Incident while updating from “OPEN” to “ACKNOWLEDGED”. In this scenario, the status is still updated to “ACKNOWLEDGED”, even if there is no assignee for the Incident.
To ensure that such an issue does not occur, install "Status_Policy_Violations" option on the CA SDM Server with "Reject" as its value.
  • Employee Users
    : After installing the
    CA Service Management
     Mobile Application, Administrators must perform the following steps so that Employee Users can access the mobile Application:
    1. Navigate to location
    2. Open the 
      file and search for 
    3. Uncomment the context parameter nodes: 
    4. Take the backup of web.xml file and delete it. 
    5. Restart CA SDM services to access the
      CA Service Management
       Mobile Application. 
  • To access CA Service Catalog capability, ensure that you have deployed mobile access.