Search Engine Configuration

This article contains the following topics:
This article contains the following topics:
The EBR Search Engine installs with CA SDM by default.
For more information about the search engine options, see the
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Knowledge Reindex Utility
The Knowledge reindex utility, pdm_k_reindex.exe, is located under the Knowledge Management installation directory.
Reindexing the documents in the knowledge base can be a time-consuming operation based on your database size. It is recommended that you run the Knowledge Reindex utility after all the changes have been added. For advanced availability configuration, you cannot execute the knowledge reindex utility during the failover process.
On UNIX, the LIBPATH must be set before running several CA SDM utilities. Use pdm_task to set the LIBPATH before running a utility. For example, input "pdm_task pdm_clean_attachments ...".
Follow these steps:
  1. Open the command prompt.
  2. To run the knowledge reindex, enter the following command:
For example:
The following options are available with this command.
  • -D
    Defines the debug mode, such as printing to the command window.
  • -v
    Defines the verbose mode, such as printing to the stdlog file.
  • -i
    Does not create table indexes in the reindex table after reindexing.
Parameters with a dash as a prefix, such as " - D", must precede other parameters that do not have this prefix.
The other option is as follow:
  • File
    Documents are reindexed to the specified file.
  • +i
    Creates the indexes of the reindexed table only, which is the search table after reindexing. The old indexes are dropped before reindexing.
  • +t
    Switches the names of search and reindex tables only.
A “+” prefix denotes only this parameter applies.
  • sdtout
    Defines the frequency of statistic appearing in the command window. By default the knowledge reindex utility provides statistics into the command window for every 1000 documents processed. However, sometimes statistics are required to be provided more often. Use the following parameter:
    pdm_k_reindex -i sdtout:10
    In this case, statistics display in the command window for every ten documents.
The documents are reindexed in the knowledge base.
New Tags to Configure a Domserver for the Crawler Surface
You must have a dedicated server for the Crawler Surface depending on your CA SDM configuration and data size for indexing. The dedicated server minimizes the impact on the production environment:
  • Conventional: Primary or secondary server
  • Advanced Availability: Application server
    For more information on how to configure CA SDM server, see Server Configuration Utility.
The following two new tags are introduced in the crawler_surface_config.xml file to take care of the indexing:
  • A new tag has been introduced in crawler_surface_config.xml file root\general_configuration\sdm_domsrvr_name to let the customer mention the name of a dedicated domserver instance for the Crawler Surface.
    This value is a default domserver (object manager) instance name.
  • Another new tag has been introduced in the crawler_surface_config.xml file
    at the
    This value is the name of
    file available by default at NX_ROOT\CATALINA_BASE_FS\lib.