Integrating with Your Own Web Pages

This article contains the following topics:
This article contains the following topics:
You can integrate the CA SDM web interface functionality with your web pages to present a seamless interface for your users.
The web engine, which is the executable that acts as the gateway between the web server and the CA SDM server, allows multiple simultaneous connections from a given user. More than one frame at a time can have an open connection to the CA SDM web engine process.
You can integrate the web interfaces in the following ways:
  • By creating links from any of your web pages to the appropriate CA SDM web page without having to go through the web interface menu page.
  • By adding HTML forms to your web pages that collect input and perform supported operations directly, without displaying any CA SDM web data entry pages.
  • By creating web form groups that can be used to associate HTML web-based forms to users through their access type. Similar to the form groups used by the administrative interface, web form groups can be used to customize your HTML pages.
Linking to CA SDM Functions
You can link directly to major CA SDM functions without displaying the main page. You typically do this by accessing the pop-up window for the new window containing the CA SDM information. You can also replace your web page with the CA SDM page.
In both cases, the product displays the requested page in the same way that the user sees it in a typical session, but without the main page and scoreboard. If you are an analyst, display the main page and scoreboard by selecting File, Restore Scoreboard, which is available only on pages displayed by bypassing the main page.
To create a link that bypasses the main page, specify a URL of the following form:
In this example URL,
is the web server host computer;
is the port number (typically 8080) required only if you are using Tomcat as your http server;
is one of the supported operations, and
is one or more of the variables allowed with the operation.
For example, a link that loads the form for creating a request can be specified as the following:
<A HREF=http://hostname/CAisd/pdmweb.exe?OP=CREATE_NEW+FACTORY=cr>Define Request</A>
Posting Forms to CA SDM
You can also access CA SDM functionality by adding HTML forms to your web pages that refer to supported operations. If the form is submitted with sufficient information to perform the operation, such as creating a request, the operation is performed without displaying a form to collect additional input.
When you add an HTML form to your web page:
  • The ACTION for the form is the URL for pdmweb.exe.
  • The METHOD is POST.
  • Either the name of the SUBMIT button should be one of the supported operations, or you should have a hidden field named OP whose value is one of the supported operations.
For example, to create an HTML form that loads the page for creating a request, specify the following code: