Service Point

Service Point
Welcome to the Service Point Documentation Center.
This section includes information about Service Point capabilities, features, and other resources. The goal of this section is to help you quickly get started with Service Point.
To access Service Point on the go, download the CA Service Point mobile app.
What is Service Point and its Benefits?
Service Point for
CA Service Management
 provides a self-service experience with embedded assistive intelligence for business-users. Service Point uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) that provides business users with context-based solutions and suggestions.
Business users can perform the following actions using Service Point:
  • Access knowledge
  • Create, view, and modify tickets
  • Contextually collaborate on tickets using live chat
  • View allocated resources
  • Manage ticket notifications
With a business-centric focus, Service Point helps an organization achieve the following:
  • Broad adoption of services
  • Context-based solutions
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Elevated perception of IT organization
Get to Know Service Point with a Walkthrough
Take a tour of what Service Point has to offer in a walkthrough:

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, and set 
Service Point Terminology
The following terminology is used in Service Point:
All Feed
All Feed is the representation of activities on a ticket displayed in a chronological order.
Every activity on the ticket is captured on the All Feed with the contact information and the time stamp. Each activity type is represented by a unique icon.
Role-based Documentation
This section provides you with links to topics that are organized by professional roles.
Business User
Product Administrator