How to Configure Surveys

This article contains the following topics:
This article contains the following topics:
Customer surveys let CA SDM administrators systematically collect and analyze customer feedback about service desk performance. You can modify surveys to suit the needs of your site.
Configure Your System for Surveys
Before you can use surveys, you need to configure your system properly, which involves two steps:
  1. Install and configure the CA SDM web interface. When a user accesses the URL for a survey, the web interface formats the survey and populates the survey information.
  2. Using the Options Manager, configure and install the web_cgi_url option to specify the location of the CA SDM web engine. For more information, see Install/Uninstall Options Manager Options.
Prepare a Survey
You prepare surveys using the Customer Survey List, which is a typical list window. For example, you can use this window to view all surveys or a subset based on search criteria that you enter; you can create new surveys; you can view details on a particular survey; and you can report on the surveys currently listed.
Each survey has the following features that you can define:
  • A name that you can use for searching and reporting purposes
  • An introduction that you can use to explain the purpose of the survey to customers
  • An ordered list of questions for the customer to answer, each of which includes a set of possible answers
  • An optional area where the user can enter free-form comments
  • A completion message to display after the user submits the survey
Define Survey Notifications
You can use the Survey tab on the Update Activity Notification page to define a survey notification for an activity notification. When the selected activity notification is triggered, the contact who initiated the activity receives the survey notification. An activity log is generated both when a survey notification is sent and when one is received back from a customer.
Follow these steps:
  1. On the Administration tab, browse to Notifications, Activity Notifications.
    The Activity Notification List appears.
  2. Select the desired activity notification.
    The detail page displays.
  3. Click the Edit button.
    The Update Activity Notification page displays.
  4. Edit the fields as appropriate.
  5. Select the appropriate object type from the drop-down list.
  6. Click the Survey tab.
    This tab contains the following fields:
    • Send Survey
      This check box allows you to activate or deactivate the survey. If selected, the survey is sent to the contact when the selected activity notification is triggered.
    • Default Survey
      Specify a default survey using the search icon or specify your own in the text box.
    • Notification Method
      of the following notification methods:
      • Email
      • Notification
      • Pager_Email
    • Survey Message Title
      Enter the title for the survey.
    • Survey Message Body
      Enter a message for the contact. When a contact receives notification of a survey, the message body automatically includes a URL that they can access from their web browser to find and fill out the survey form.
  7. Save the activity notification.
    When the selected activity notification is triggered, the contact who initiated the activity receives the survey notification.
Survey Reporting
Within CA SDM you can report on surveys from within the administration tab of the web client in all of the usual ways. For example, from the Customer Survey List window, you can choose Reports from the File menu, and then choose a Summary or Detail report. You can also choose Print Form from the various detail windows to print the form data for your surveys, questions, and answers.
You can also fashion your own reports based on the survey data maintained in the CA SDM database.