Connecting Maileater to Office 365 Mail

To configure the maileater to connect to Office 365 Mail, perform the following steps:
To configure the maileater to connect to Office 365 Mail, perform the following steps:
  1. Obtain a valid SSL Certificate for the Office 365 Mail Server.
    As of Dec 2016, the Office 365 Certificate is signed by the "
    DigiCert Global Root CA
    ". Information on this certificate can be found here. If
    gets signed by a different root certificate in the future, you must either obtain the new root certificate from Microsoft or find out the proper root certificate is and get it from the vendor.
    Maileater now supports configuring mail servers with wild card SSL certificates and/or where the mail server name is in the Certificate's subject alternate names (and not in the issues To Part).
    CA SDM Maileater now supports HTML and Rich-Text Format (RTF) emails for incoming mails.
  2. After collecting the root certificate information, create a file using
    with the certificate's information.
  3. Save the file and copy it to the primary server and make note of the copied path.
    1. Use the following settings in the mailbox details screen (making sure to populate your full email address and file path to the certificate that you saved):
      Field Name
      Default (or the name of your mailbox)
      Check Interval (in Sec)
      recommended value is 30
      Email Type
      (This is NOT
      Port Override
      CA SDM now supports both
      Direct SSL
      port connections.
      User Name
      The User ID of the Office365's account. (If it does not work, try and use the full email address)
      Fill in the password for the account
      Security Level
      Clear Text
      Attachment Repository
      Default is "Service Desk"
      Attach Entire Email
      Default is "No"
      Force Attachment Splitout
      Default is "No"
      Allow Anonymous
      Default is "Yes"
      Save Unknown Emails
      Default is "Yes"
      Use Reply To Emails
      Default is "Yes"
      Use TLS
      CA Certificate Path
      Path to the Certificate file you just created.
      The maileater is now connected to Office 365 Mail Server.