How Does the Maileater Process Inbound Emails?

CA Service Desk Manager checks incoming emails based on the
Check Interval
setting, which is set to 30 seconds as a default. If multiple emails arrive within 30 seconds, which of these will be processed first? Will the maileater process in the order of
Sent Date and Time
of the emails?
Generally emails are processed based on the order in which emails arrive at the CA Service Desk Manager maileater process.
Consider the following example scenarios:
Example 1:
Two emails (
Email 1
Email 2
) are sent out at the same time, but a mail server takes time in sending out the
Email 1
(due to attachments or some other reasons).
Email 2
is sent first to the mail server where CA Service Desk Manager connects to and receives the email by the maileater process, in this scenario, the maileater will process
Email 2
  • Email 1 sent with some attachments.
  • Email 2 sent with plain texts.
If there are multiple emails in the inbox, CA Service Desk Manager will process in order of the time it arrives at the maileater process.
Example 2
The following three emails are received and stored in the mail box after the previous mail check:
  • Email 1: Received date/time 10:31 18/Jul/2017
  • Email 2: Received date/time 10:32 18/Jul/2017
  • Email 3: Received date/time 10:33 18/Jul/2017
Here, in this case, Email 1 is processed first by the maileater, then, Email 2, and then, Email 3 is processed.
For more information, see Define a Mailbox.