Implementing CA Service Management Virtual Analyst

This article describes the following topics:
CA Service Management now provides the Virtual Analyst "ARIA" (Automated Response with Intelligent Automation). It provides the following capabilities:
  • Interacts with business users through a chat Interface to resolve common IT support issues. The chat interface is available via Service Point.
  • Ability to understand Natural Language using Machine Learning techniques.
  • Provides real-time assistance to business users to resolve routine IT issues.
  • Provides ticket update and can handle queries for CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) tickets (requests and incidents)
Supported Virtual Analyst Services
Business users can connect with the Virtual Analyst for assistance and interact with the service bot over a chat window. The service bot provides optimal transfer of issues to a Service Desk Manager agent to assist with queries and issues in the following supported scenarios:
  • Contextual scenario
    , where the business user has already logged a ticket with IT support for a said issue and is looking for information pertaining to ticket status, details, resolution, and so on. When additional assistance or intervention is required, Virtual Analyst provides the business users with “
    Connect to an Analyst
    ” option in the chat interface.
  • Non-Contextual scenario
    , where there is no open ticket for an issue and a new ticket is opened by IT for a reported issue. In this case, a business user can request the bot to connect to a Service Desk Manager agent (when agent intervention is required).
A business user gets assistance for the following Services from the bot on Service Point:
  • Get Ticket Status and Details
  • Create a Ticket
  • Self-Service through KB Solution
  • Chat with an Analyst/Hand over the issue to an Analyst
  • Provide Feedback to the Virtual Analyst.
  • Reset Password
  • Update Ticket
    • Close Ticket
    • Urgency
    • Ticket Description
    • Add Comment to a Ticket
Software Requirements
  • RASA NLU Server 1.8.3
  • Anaconda  3 2019.07
  • Python 3.7.3
  • spaCy 2.1.8 version
  • Microsoft C++ build tools version 2019 (Windows)
Hardware Requirements
Recommendation is to install the Virtual Analyst on a separate server or on a server where Search Server is installed with adequate hardware requirements. For more information, see Search Server Installation Requirements.
  • CPU
    : 4-8 Core CPU
    CPU must support AVX Instruction set. In general, CPUs manufactured on or after 2011 support AVX. For more information, see your CPU manual instructions.
  • RAM
    : Minimum 16 GB. Recommended 32 GB
  • Disk Space: 40 GB