Manage Features

As an administrator, you can enable (show) or disable (hide) the My Resources features in Service Point:
Follow these steps
  1. Log in to CA SDM as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to
    tab, select
    xFlow Interface
    Service Point
    , and
  3. In the Name column, select the desired tenant name to enable or disable the features.
  4. Click
  5. From the
    My Resources
    drop-down list, select
    to show or
    to hide.
  6. Click
Add Features in Service Point
CA SDM Administrators can now add, view, and modify configurations or features for business users in Service Point. It helps administrators easily manage various capabilities of Service point and Virtual Analyst as described in this article.
To add feature configurations, perform the following steps:
  1. Login to the Classic SDM UI.
  2. Navigate to
    xFlow Interface
    Service Point
    . Click the
    Feature Configurations
    tab, and click the
    Add Feature
    button. Click
    Look Up
    (Search icon) on the Name Field. Click
    The feature list page is displayed.
  3. Add Features in Service Point
    Chat Engine
    An Option to choose between Virtual Analyst and Live Chat Support.
    Chat with Analyst
    Provides an ability to enable/disable chat with an analyst in Service Point.
    Mask Analyst Name
    Specify a preferred name to mask the Analyst name in Service Point.
    Chat Icon
    Upload and save an icon of your choice. This icon will be used to launch the Chat interface. Recommended image dimensions in the range of 126x140 pixels.
    Prohibited File Type formats defined by SDM Administrators will not be used. To view the Prohibited File types, navigate to SDM
    Attachments Library
    , right-click and select
    Virtual Analyst Launch Text
    Add a text of your choice for the Chat Interface. This text appears adjacent to the Chat Icon.
    Virtual Analyst Name
    Name of the Virtual Analyst Service Bot. The default name provided with Service Point Virtual Analyst can be changed as per your requirement.
    Virtual Analyst Incident Template
    Template used while creating an incident through Virtual Analyst.
    Virtual Analyst Request Template
    Request Template used while creating a request using Virtual Analyst.
    Virtual Analyst Auto Categorization
    Enable/Disable Auto-Categorization while creating an incident or a request. When disabled, template category is used while creating a ticket. If enabled, Virtual Analyst uses smart search to identify ticket category.
    Allow Ticket Edit
    Controls the end-users' ability to edit the ticket in Service Point. When set to
    , ticket attributes cannot be modified in Service Point.
  4. Select any feature that you want to add from the displayed Feature List. Select or give a value to a feature. To add Chat Engine, select
    Virtual Analyst
    as the value. For example, feature
    “Chat with Analyst”
    can be configured as “
    ” “
    ”. When set to
    , it provides an ability to enable chat with an Analyst in Service Point.
  5. Click
    on the Create New Feature page.