Moving the CA MDB Data from the Source to the Target Systems

You can move the CA MDB database from the source system and configure it to work on the target system.
You can move the CA MDB database from the source system and configure it to work on the target system.
We recommend that you test the procedure in a test environment before implementing on a production system. Currently, moving the CA MDB data is not supported for clustered database, load balancer, and application cluster.
Before you move the CA MDB data, perform the following tasks:
  1. Back up the CA MDB database on your target system.
  2. Install the following products on the source and target systems:
    • CA Service Desk Manager 17.3 and above
    • CA Service Catalog 17.3 and above
    • CA Asset Portfolio Manager 17.3 and above
  3. Ensure that the source and target systems have an identical installation configuration setup.
Update Database Login Credentials used by CA Search Server
To update the login credentials, perform the following steps:
  1. Open the
    file. Locate the attribute named as “user” and “password”. The values associated these attributes are username and password respectively.
  2. Change the user field value.
    The user field value can be changed only for the account which has read/write access to the database. Example: mdbadmin
  3. Encrypt the password values using SDM encryption (SDME) format. To encrypt, run the following commands on CA SDM server.
    1. To change the prompt and directory to NX_ROOT\bin, run the following command.
      nxcd bin
    2. To replace your old password for mdbadmin account with the new password for the database user and to generate the encrypted string, run the following command.
      encrypt_pwd -
      <old password>_for_mdbadmin_account
    3. Copy the encrypted string and use as password value in the
    4. Save the
  4. Perform a reindex of CA Search Server. See How to perform a reindex of CA Search Server.
  5. Restart the xFlow Interface services.
For more information about how to move the CA MDB data from the source to the target systems, see the following topics: