How Multi-Tenancy Affects CIs

The following CA CMDB objects are tenanted:
The following CA CMDB objects are
  • CIs and their associated extension tables
  • CI relationships
  • Management Data Repository (MDR) providers
  • MDR mappings
To create, edit, and list CIs effectively, you must understand how multi-tenancy affects CIs. When you create, list, or update CIs, consider the following:
  • When multi-tenancy is installed, the Role Detail form includes Tenant Access and Tenant Write Access drop-down lists on its Authorization tab that contains the following options:
    • Contact's Tenant
    • Single Tenant
    • Tenant Group
    • All Tenants
    The specified Tenant Access affects how you can work with CIs in the CA CMDB-related applications.
  • If the Tenant Access or Tenant Write Access type is not specified for the contact, the default role is used.
  • On the Role Detail form, the Update Public check box controls whether a user in the role is authorized to create or update public data. This check box is effective only for users associated with the service provider, as tenant users are restricted to read-only access to data not belonging to their tenant.
Users associated with a tenant other than the service provider can only create or update objects associated with their own tenant unless authorized by their role. Users associated with the service provider are permitted to create or update objects belonging to tenants other than their own.