Provides technical assistance to the Administrator to perform tasks.
CA Configuration Automation
 is a standards-based application that lets you manage your enterprise's distributed hardware and software components from a centralized browser-based window. You can use the application, to do the following:
  • Discover the servers in your enterprise
  • Find out what operating systems, databases, and software application components are installed on those servers
  • Access complex data, information, and configuration settings from within those components
  • Determine the relationships and dependencies between the servers in your enterprise
  • Detect server and service configuration changes and differences
  • Take and retain snapshots (point-in-time copies) of your services
  • Ensure software component and configuration policy compliance to corporate standards and best practices
  • Enact change on a collection of software component attributes within a service
  • Troubleshoot and improve the mean time to repair your servers and services
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