Clarity PPM 15.5.1 Release Notes

The cappm 15.5.1 Release Notes describe new and enhanced features and specify the compatible OS, component, and client software versions, including supported patch levels. Supported international languages, training opportunities, and accessibility details are also available. The Release Notes help you plan for a new installation or upgrade to the on-premise or SaaS edition of Release 15.5.1.
Clarity PPM
 15.5.1 Release Notes describe new and enhanced features and specify the compatible OS, component, and client software versions, including supported patch levels. Supported international languages, training opportunities, and accessibility details are also available. The Release Notes help you plan for a new installation or upgrade to the on-premise or SaaS edition of Release 15.5.1.
: To learn more about each feature, see the Change Impact and Upgrade Guide or the specific linked page if one is provided below each entry.
New Features and Enhancements in Release 15.5.1
New! The Clarity PPM Brand is Back
With the acquisition of CA Technologies by Broadcom, the Clarity PPM product name, formerly rebranded as CA PPM, has been restored in the patch. The product is now branded CA Clarity Project and Portfolio Management, CA Clarity PPM, or simply, Clarity PPM. 
: Historic references with mixed branding will continue to appear throughout the application and in the online documentation, community content, Support KB articles, videos, and other content.
New! Introducing the Phoenix UI Theme
The patch also introduces a new
Phoenix UI
theme designed to invite Classic Clarity PPM users into the new aesthetics and styling of the Clarity Modern UX (formerly introduced with CA PPM 15.1 as the
New User Experience
). To learn more about applying UI themes, see CA Clarity PPM Studio UI Themes in the Reference section of the documentation. 
New Project Management Features
Add Your Own Custom Subobject Grid to Projects
For projects that share a common template and blueprint design, you can define a project module (essentially a page) for tracking custom subobjects of the Project object. Administrators and content developers can easily API-enable their custom subobjects in the Classic CA PPM Studio interface or use the XML Open Gateway (XOG).
CA PPM 15.5.1 introduces a new XOG attribute called 
. When 
, this flag API-enables a new custom subobject, or can be used to update an existing custom subobject. You can API-enable any custom subobject if the parent object is a Project or an Abstract object such as an investment or custom investment type. When API-enabled, HTTP commands including GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE are available.
In the
New User Experience
, an on-screen message appears to alert users when any attributes in their current view change and the application automatically updates their current grid view to an
state. For example, attributes in a view might later be set to
or deleted from the custom subobject in Classic PPM Studio.
Assign Multiple Instances of the Same Role to Tasks
You can add multiple instances of the same role to staff a project and modify the names (for example, Junior DBA, Senior DBA, and Principal DBA). The renamed role instances are available for task assignment.
New Task Grid
A new grid layout is available for easy editing and organization of project tasks. The new grid layout on the project Tasks page supports custom attributes to support your task management goals.
  • You can now view project tasks in a list, board, or grid without leaving the context of the current project.
  • You can now edit Total ETC (in hours or FTE) on the project task grid for tasks with assignments.
  • The task grid includes only tasks and milestones, and not phases, summary tasks, or the rest of the work breakdown structure (WBS).
  • The task grid includes filters (task owner, status, finish, type, phase), saved views, and the new Column selection panel.
  • The task grid shows the user who created and last updated each task.
To allow users to manage their tasks, administrators typically grant instance and OBS rights for task management in combination with some level of project view access. However, organizations would also benefit from a new global right. This new global right, in combination with any instance, OBS, or global project view accesss right, would allow a user to manage their tasks in multiple projects.
This release provides a new
 Project -Task Management – All
global access right that allows users to create, view, update, or delete tasks and assignments in the projects they are already permitted to view.
To-Do Item Owners and Due Dates
  • You can now set due dates for project task to-do items. The due date for a to-do item must occur within the project start and finish date range.
  • You can also assign an owner for to-do items from the active resources, roles, or teams that are available to the parent task.
New To-Do Item Scoreboard
A new To-Do Item Scoreboard is available on the Tasks page to help teams manage the pace and completion of their assigned task activities. Filter items by due date, project, or owner. The following image shows the new scoreboard. Users can drill into a specific task to focus on to-do items in a detail panel with a status filter for viewing only
items, only 
items, or
to-do items with their due dates.
New Custom Investment Features
Financial Attributes for Custom Investments
Release 15.5.1 introduces custom investment support for the series of
simple budget financial fields on both the grid and the details page (configurable as a blueprint module). You can now configure the financial attributes for your custom investment instances. Additional calculated attributes, if enabled in Classic PPM, also appear. To show or hide these columns in the new custom investment grids, use the column panel.
New Custom Investment Type Blueprints with Details Module
  • As an administrator, when you create a custom investment type, the application provides a matching default standard investment blueprint. Similar to project blueprints, you cannot edit the standard blueprint (with one exception—you can rename it); however, you can copy the standard blueprint and edit the copy. 
  • As a user, you can view custom investment details including calculated attributes and financial metrics on a new Details page for custom investments.
Link and Synchronize Custom Investments in Roadmaps
See New Roadmap Features below.
New Roadmap Features
Easy Access to Manage Options for Local Picklists
You can now easily manage your local picklists for a roadmap using either of the following methods:
  • Click the
     link available from the COLUMNS panel on the Board layout. With edit access to the roadmap, you can see an active EDIT link for managing local picklists. The EDIT link appears disabled for global picklists. If you have view-only access to the roadmap, then you do not see the EDIT link at all. 
  • Click the
    link available from the Settings menu on the timeline, board, and grid layout. The resulting MANAGE PICKLISTS page allows you to create and edit the local picklists.
Prior to this release, you had to click Settings and then click the drop-down menu for a picklist to see the Manage option for all local and global picklists.
Import PPM Investments as Roadmap Items
You can now create roadmap items by importing active investments from PPM for which you have at least view access rights. Earlier you could only import projects as roadmap items. The application creates a link between the roadmap items and the associated projects or investments. You can control how frequently linked information is synchronized.
Show or Hide Columns on the Board
You can now show or hide columns on the roadmap board and project task board layouts. This capability allows you to display only the relevant columns. This feature is useful when dragging items across columns because you do not have to scroll to the right to view all columns when you are only interested in working with two or three columns. Optional saved views for roadmaps now include your column selections.
Timesheet Enhancements
Mark Time Reporting Periods for Deletion
You can now mark time reporting periods that are in
status for deletion. Administrators can review the time reporting periods that are marked for deletion before actually deleting them.
The marked time reporting periods appear on the list page in their own new column. You can also filter for all time reporting periods that are marked for deletion. When the Delete Investments and Time Reporting Periods job runs, the marked time reporting periods are deleted from the system.
User Interface and Productivity Enhancements
Enhanced Common Pull-Down Component
When selecting items from filters or inside grids, the look and feel of our pull-down component is enhanced. Certain items might appear disabled or the entire component might appear deactivated based on business logic to guide and inform users.
Board View Enhancements
  • Show or Hide Columns
    : Common drag-and-drop board views such as the roadmap item board or task board now allow you to show or hide columns. For example, the new Columns side tab and panel on the project task board allows you to show or hide columns. As you insert, rename, or delete columns on the board, the Columns panel is updated and the board reflects your latest changes.
  • Easier Picklists
    : Picklists are easier to access and manage.
Task Support for Custom Subobjects and Attributes 
The Tasks grid now supports custom subobjects and custom attributes.
User Interface Grid Enhancements
  • Common Filter Component for Strings and Numbers
    : Search has been replaced with a new filter mechanism that allows you to filter on any string or number attribute that is API enabled. For example, on the custom investment types grid, you can configure up to 10 number or string filter parameters. You can continue to search the grids using name and ID. You can save your new filter configurations to a view.
  • Multi-Sort
    : Sorting by multiple columns is now supported on all grids, including the custom investments grid. In the previous release, you could not sort on multiple columns on the custom investments grid.
  • Text Box
    : When entering text for a field, you see a text box if the corresponding attribute in PPM Studio has the Maximum Size property set to a value greater than 80.
  • Copy-and-Paste for Lookups
    : You can now copy and paste values for lookup fields, including multi-value lookup (MVL) fields. Copy-and-paste is supported only for values within the same column.
Classic PPM User Accessibility Enhancements
As far back as Release 13.1, the classic user interface (
Classic PPM
) has passed rigorous testing and maintained its compliance with user accessibility guidelines established by a body of specifications generally referred to as Section 508. Compatibility reports were re-issued in 13.3 and 14.3. Under safe harbor provisions, the user accessibility support provided by 14.3, with some noted exceptions, extended through 14.4, 15.1, and all higher releases including 15.5.
To provide for even greater levels of compliance with recent updates to 508 guidelines, we updated the Classic PPM product code base in this release. Classic PPM features in CA PPM 15.5.1 offer an even greater level of compliance.
Users with accessibility requirements that include screen readers, high-contrast UI modes, and keyboard access can benefit from the accessibility improvements in this release. For best results with user-assistance technology, we recommend using the Mozilla Firefox browser with Classic PPM.
New Advanced Reporting and Data Warehouse Features
Support for Jaspersoft 7.1
This release adds native support for new installations of CA PPM with Jaspersoft 7.1 and also supports migration for upgrading customers from Jaspersoft 6.4.2 to 7.1.
The following list summarizes the new features and enhancements in Jaspersoft 7.1 for CA PPM:
  • New Visualize.js
  • New Ad Hoc Views
  • New Jaspersoft Studio data source support for domains and TIBCO Spotfire® information links
  • Improved JasperMobile App Experience
  • JasperReports engine simple text in field property expressions
  • TIBCO Datasource Visualization JDBC driver
  • Native Java 8 support (no longer supports Java 7, SOAP APIs, and Jaspersoft REST API v1.0)
  • Security Fixes
New Team Tables in the Data Warehouse
The data warehouse now includes new tables that store definition and allocation data for the new team object introduced in 15.5.0. You can use the following new tables to address your reporting needs: 
  • The DWH_INV_TEAM_DEF table stores one header row for each team with basic attributes like the team name.
  • The DWH_INV_TEAM_MEMBER table stores one row for each team member with more detailed attributes about the resource or role.
After running the Load Data Warehouse job, the data warehouse table data matches the PPM database tables as seen in the 
New User Experience
New PMO Accelerator Jaspersoft Reports
  • New Roadmap Timeline Report
    : A sample roadmap timeline report for investment planning is available.
    A sample report appears below:
  • New CA PPM Trending Report
    : A new Project KPI Trends report is available as an example of the applied use of trending snapshots. Trend reporting helps teams and leadership identify overall patterns that shift over time. Use the Project KPI Trends report to monitor key performance indicators and establish priorities. For example, track the quantity and severity of open risks over time.
    A sample report appears below.
Integration Improvements
Expanded Support for Investments
CA PPM 15.5.1 introduces new one-to-many investment-level integration with Agile Central. You can now integrate CA Rally Agile Central with CA Clarity PPM in two ways:
  1. A one-to-one mapping of portfolio items (introduced in 15.4)
    1. Integrate PPM projects with parent portfolio items in Rally Agile Central.
    2. Integrate PPM tasks with child portfolio items in Rally Agile Central.
  2. A one-to-many mapping of investments (new in this release)
    1. Integrate PPM projects with multiple Rally Agile Central investments.
    2. Integrate Rally Agile Central investments with multiple portfolio items at the lowest level in the portfolio item hierarchy in Rally Agile Central. In the hierarchy of portfolio items (strategies, themes, initiatives, and features) typically the lowest level is the feature level.
New in this release:
  • Both integration types support user stories and tasks.
  • Investment integration does not support bringing in teams.
  • We no longer support the Time Tracking Project Template for either integration type.
Improved Performance of the Synchronize Agile Central Job
The following enhancements are added to improve job performance:
  • The existing Date Window parameter now includes options for filtering by updated projects that were updated in the last month or last quarter.
  • A new parameter now allows you to synchronize only those projects where work status is
    . The option is unchecked by default.
  • Flattened task hierarchy: All new features and user stories are now created in the Task WBS hierarchy at Level 1. After a hierarchy is captured (indented) using the project action to sychronize, it is preserved for future job runs.
  • The job also supports incremental updates only for tasks that were updated since they were last synchronized with Agile Central. Previously, the job was synchronizing everything irrespective of the last sync date which could impact performance.
Administration, Security, and Performance Features and Enhancements
Custom Investment Blueprints
In addition to project blueprints, you can now create blueprints for custom investments. The blueprints list page shows both project and custom investment blueprints. You can search or filter on both types of blueprints.
When you create a custom investment object in Classic PPM, a standard custom investment blueprint and views are automatically created in the
New User Experience
. You can make a copy of the standard custom investment blueprint and edit it to suit your business requirements.
On the Investments grid, you can drill down on custom investment instances to view their details.
API-Enable Custom Subobjects for the New User Experience
You can now API-enable custom subobjects of the Project object. You can then add these subobjects as modules to a project blueprint. When you create a new project using the blueprint, the subobject appears as a tab with a grid containing the selected attributes.
Delete Investments With Time Entries or WIP Transactions
This new option allows users to mark and later delete investments that contain timesheet entries and financial transaction data. In previous releases, the application did not support marking or deleting any investments that contained timesheet entries and financial transaction data.
In prior releases, attempting to mark projects for deletion would result in an on-screen reminder message if the projects had posted actuals. To delete investments with posted timesheets or WIP transaction data, you had to perform the following steps:
  1. Run the Purge Financial Transactions job for the investment to remove the financial transactions.
  2. Delete the time reporting periods that cover the range of actual time entries for the investment.
Those steps deleted 
 time entries from
timesheets in the selected reporting periods and affected timesheet entries for other investments that spanned the same time periods.
In this release, you can target the deletion of specific investments without affecting the posted timesheet entries for other active investments. You are no longer required to delete the entire time reporting period. You can delete marked inactive investments that have timesheet entries, transaction data, or both.
This feature includes the following available options or changes in CA PPM 15.5.1:
  • A new 
    Allow Marked Investments with Timesheet and Transaction Data to be Deleted
     project management setting. 
  • The 
    Delete Investments
     job in previous releases is renamed 
    Delete Investments and Time Reporting Periods
  • A new 
    Delete Marked Investments with Timesheet and Transaction Data
     parameter is available when running the 
    Delete Investments and Time Reporting Periods
The removal of time entries for incidents linked to investments (part of Classic PPM Demand Management) is also included with this feature.
Certification of CA PPM With Oracle 12c Multi-Tenant
This release introduces support for Oracle 12c in multi-tenant configurations. Oracle named instance and pdb support are also available with our SaaS HDP integration. To support your cloud migration strategy, this release lays down a solid architectural foundation for hosting CA PPM in the cloud, including non-containerized clustered environments. Our hosted CA PPM SaaS solution supports Oracle 12 multi-tenant with encryption at the database level. 
: CA PPM supports encryption at the database level for the application and data warehouse; however, Jaspersoft does not.
Oracle 12c introduces multitenancy (MT), pluggable database (PDB) capabilities, and new encryption options. Oracle Multitenant architectures for next-generation cloud databases deliver isolation, agility, and scale. A multitenant container database can hold many pluggable databases. An existing database can simply be adopted with no application changes required. Oracle Multitenant fully complements Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Active Data Guard, and other options. CA PPM officially supports Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) at the tablespace level. Limited support is available for JDBC traffic between the application and the database.
Updated CA Open Workbench Client Application and Microsoft Project Connector
This release includes updates that improve the installation, handling, and display of data in our CA Open Workbench (OWB) scheduling application and in our Microsoft Project (MSP) Connector scheduling interface.
  • Both schedulers now include updated components as a result of replacing Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2013 (.NET Framework 4.5.1) with Visual Studio 2017 (.NET 4.6). 
  • Both schedulers also support Java 11.
The following additional improvements are available in the new release of CA Open Workbench:
  • Improved display of rows at different magnifications
  • Improved display of rows with long text entries and text line wrapping
The following improvements are available in the new release of the CA PPM Connector for Microsoft Project:
  • Updated legacy and new XML MSP drivers
: Although OWB and MSP share common scheduler code, they behave in different ways that are not compatible with each other. As a CA PPM user, if you decide to use a separate scheduler, remember to choose one. You cannot open the same project in both.
Extension of Digital Certificate for MSP and OWB Integrations
The patch includes an updated digital signature for optional Clarity PPM integrations with Microsoft Project (MSP) and CA Open Workbench (OWB). The original expiration date of April 5, 2019 has been extended until 2020. The embedded certificate is exclusively available through the installer. (CA Support can trace this change using DE44578.) 
Certification of CA PPM with Java 11
The following client applications also support Java 11:
  • CA PPM XML Open Gateway (XOG) 
  • CA Open Workbench 
  • Microsoft Project Interface for CA PPM
Job Log Enhancements
  • In previous releases, a large volume of job log entries could accumulate and contribute to out-of-memory issues. For example, a typical CA PPM environment might have five or ten million rows of job log entries. An administrator navigating to the Home menu, and clicking Reports and Jobs, Jobs, Logs, could encounter serious memory issues when attempting to filter this data. To reduce the potential risk, administrators would have to delete older job log entries, typically by running the Remove Job Logs and Report Library Entries job. However, a better method, now implemented in this release, is to schedule the Delete Log Analysis Data job. Therefore, we enhanced the upgrade script for 15.5.1 to determine if you already scheduled the Delete Log Analysis Data job. If you did, you are covered. If you did not, the upgrade sets a new recurring schedule to run the Delete Log Analysis Data job to delete log files on a regular cadence. As an administrator, you can adjust the schedule.
  • Improved log messages are available through the job log in the Classic PPM user interface. Users do not need to locate and collect the raw log files anymore.
GEL Enhancements
  • New 25,000 CSV GEL Rows Governor Limit
    : In 15.5.1, the same limit for Excel is enforced for CSV files with MAX_CSV_GEL_ROWS=25000. Governor Limits are available on the
    tab of the Health Report in Classic PPM. The label for
    changed to
    was added to control the number of rows read from a CSV file.
  • New processFileLines GEL Tag
    : This tag allows you to read one record at a time from a file. Without this tag, previous releases required reading the whole file at once and then iterating through the file.
Security Enhancements
This release includes upgrades to JavaScript libraries, JQuery, and other internal components to address security vulnerabilities common to enterprise software.
New Mobile App
This release supports the new CA PPM Mobile app version 3.0. See Getting Started with Clarity PPM Mobile Apps.
Hardware and Software Compatibility Specifications
Formerly known as product architecture stack (PAS) requirements.
Compatibility Tip
: This release supports the minimum versions specified on this page. The appearance of a given release or version is always followed by an implied "or higher" or "and newer updates" which indicates a strong likelihood for compatibility; however, new third-party software cannot be guaranteed to remain compatible. Updates to future releases might not be compatible. For example, the supported version of a component at the time of the GA release is 12.1. Three weeks later, you might be able to apply or 12.1.1 without incident; however, 12.2 and 13.0 might fail and require that you roll back to 12.1 or apply a workaround while waiting for a third-party patch.
Specifications: Integrated Servers
The following table specifies the supported software for servers integrating with 
Clarity PPM
Single Sign On Server
CA Single Sign-On 12.52 SP01 CR01
CA Single Sign-On 12.51 CR05
LDAP Server
Supports any LDAP v3 compliant directory server such as CA Directory, Microsoft Active Directory, NetIQ eDirectory, Oracle Internet Directory, and Oracle Directory Server.
(We do not support LDAP Active Directory with multiple domains.)
Agile Applications
CA Agile Central
SaaS Enterprise or Unlimited
Enterprise edition is supported only when you purchase Portfolio Manager and only with WSAPI 3.0 or higher. Integrations with on-premise editions of
CA Agile Central
are no longer supported.
Specifications: Client-Side Components
The following table specifies the minimum supported software for client computers accessing 
Clarity PPM
. All software supports 32-bit or 64-bit architectures, unless stated otherwise.
Microsoft Windows
Apple Mac OS
Desktop Linux
  • Windows 7 SP1, 8.1, or 10, all editions
  • Mac OS X; Release 10.11.2
  • Any vendor or version with support for browsers listed under the Web Browsers section
Web Browsers
  • Microsoft Edge 40.15063.674.0 (Windows 10)
  • Internet Explorer 11.967.16299 (Classic Clarity PPM only, except when the Phoenix UI theme is applied; IE 11 is not supported with the New User Experience or Phoenix UI theme) (11)
  • Firefox Quantum 58.0.2 (2)
  • Google Chrome 64.0.3282.167 (2)
  • Safari 11.0.3 (7)
  • Google Chrome 64(2)
  • Firefox Quantum 58(2)
  • Google Chrome 64 or higher (2) (7)
Client Applications
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 all editions (6)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 all editions (6)
  • Microsoft Project 2013, 2013 SP1, and 2016, all editions (5)
  • Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus (9)
  • Java Runtime Environment 18.9 (3)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.5.5 (8)
  • CA Open Workbench 2.1.2 (10)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.5.5 (8)
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for Mac
  • No Microsoft Project
  • No Open Workbench support
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.5.5 (8)
  • No Excel Export support
  • No Microsoft Project support
  • No Open Workbench support
Client Reporting Tools
  • Jaspersoft Studio Professional 7.1, with CA JDBC Adapter(4)
Jaspersoft Studio Professional 7.1 with CA JDBC Adapter(4)
Third-party SOAP Integration Toolkits
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (.NET Framework 4.5.1) or Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (.NET Framework 4.6)
Table Notes
  1. Using multiple versions of third-party software concurrently is not supported and can cause out-of-sync and compatibility issues. CA Technologies supports only versions of third-party software that the vendor supports.
  2. New Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge releases 
     be supported with minimal testing after being released.
  3. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 18.9 (also part of JDK 11) is required only for users on client workstations or laptops planning to run the CA Open Workbench, Microsoft Project Connector for CA PPM, CA Schedule Connect, or the XML Open Gateway (XOG) Client.
  4. CA JDBC Adapter is required for report developers to connect to the CA PPM transactional or data warehouse database without a VPN connection.
  5. The Microsoft Project (MSP) interface requires .NET Framework 4.5.1 or higher. MSP support includes the following limitations:
    1. Microsoft Project 2013 is only supported with the legacy 
      Clarity PPM
       MSP driver.
    2. Microsoft Project 2013 SP1 and 2016 are only supported with the new CA PPM MSP driver and require Microsoft patches. See Microsoft Knowledge Base article KB3114739 for 2013 SP1 and KB3114714 for 2016. Updated patch information is also available from CA Support.
    3. For 
      Clarity PPM
       project dependencies information to export completely to the Predecessors column in MSP with the new driver, verify that that the same language (for example, Spanish) is selected in all the following applications:
      • Windows OS
      • MS Projects
      • Language Format in control panel
  6. Microsoft Office 365 (2016 or newer) is supported. 
    Clarity PPM
     also supports the Click-to-Run virtualization option; however, Microsoft Project is not supported with this option.
  7. Support Type of 
  8. To view reports that are exported in PDF format.
  9. Support for Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus includes only Excel and PowerPoint, not Microsoft Project Pro. The following limitation applies to users of Excel Online. In a CA PPM list or portlet, you cannot use the Export to Excel (Data Only) option. Office365 and Excel Online cannot read the XLS output file. Users might see the following Excel Online error: 
    There is something in your workbook that we don't understand
    . Use Export to Excel instead of Export to Excel (Data Only). If you require Export to Excel (Data Only), use the Excel client application Save As command to save the file as XLS, XLSX, or CSV and then post to OneDrive or SharePoint. Excel Online can now open the file. 
  10. Open Workbench is supported on Windows 10; however, mobile devices, tablets, and hybrid devices such as Surface Pro are not supported due to screen resolution constraints.
  11. Since Release 15.4.0, the 
    New User Experience
    no longer supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11). Classic Clarity PPM still supports IE 11 for backward compatibility; however, Classic Clarity PPM with the Phoenix UI theme applied does not support IE 11. Microsoft is only making select security updates to IE 11. To achieve the best performance, we recommend updating to a newer browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Edge. Microsoft Windows 10 includes Microsoft Edge, a faster, newer, and more productive web browser. Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Edge as your default browser and is only supporting IE11 for backward compatibility. Using the optional Enterprise Mode, PPM customers at organizations that still require IE 11 can use Microsoft Edge as their default browser while also ensuring that legacy applications continue working on IE11. To learn more, contact your IT department and the browser life cycle information provided online by Microsoft.
: Starting with CA PPM 15.4.1, web applications, integrations, browsers, OS, and network settings for access to CA PPM SaaS must all support TLS 1.2. All browser requirements for CA PPM already meet this minimum standard, so very little, if any, impact is anticipated for new installations or upgrades. Chrome 30, Firefox 27, Safari 7, Edge, and even IE 11 have already supported TLS 1.2 for several years.
Specifications: CA PPM Mobile Apps
The following table specifies the mobile operating system (OS) platforms that are supported 
 for the following mobile apps(1). 
Apple iOS
Google Android OS
CA PPM Mobile App 3.0
10.0 or higher
6.0 or higher
CA Clarity Mobile Time Manager App 2.0
10.3.3 or higher
8.1 or higher
JasperMobile App
Set by TIBCO
Set by TIBCO
(1) Mobile OS support is only for these named mobile apps. The robust enterprise feature-set of CA PPM including the 
New User Experience
 does not fully support mobile operating systems. However, we are aware of some customers using some of the new features on mobile devices with limited or no support available. 
(2) Update your mobile device to the latest supported OS. For example, your mobile tablet might support Android OS 6.0.1 while your phone supports Android OS 8.1. If a new update for iOS or Android OS is available for your device, install it to protect your device with the latest security fixes.
(3) Compatible for use with CA PPM but not certified or supported by CA; this app is provided by TIBCO, makers of Jaspersoft.
Specifications: Compatible Add-Ins
The following add-ins, accelerators, and connector versions are compatible with this release:
Add-in, Accelerator, or Connector
PMO Accelerator
Application Portfolio Management (APM) Add-in
Agile Add-In
Earned Value Manager
Accelerator for PRINCE2
Accelerator for the PMBOK
Accelerator for New Product Development
CA PPM SaaS Integration Adaptor
Specifications: Summary of Changes in Release 15.5.1
Server Java Runtime
  • Updated support for Java 18.9 (JDK 11)
  • Dropped support for JDK 8.0 and JRE 1.8
Server OS
  • Updated support for RHEL 7u4
  • Updated support for Windows Server 1809
Products Included
  • No changes
  • Dropped support for Apache Axis2 third-party SOAP integration toolkits
Database Server
  • No changes 
Application Server
  • Updated support for Tomcat 8.5.33
Report Server
  • Certified support for Tomcat 8.5.30 with Jaspersoft 7.1
  • Dropped support for Tomcat 8.5.31 with Jaspersoft 7.1 due to performance issues
  • Added support for Windows Server 2016 Standard or Datacenter
Client Browsers
  • Updated support for new releases of Firefox, Edge, and Chrome browsers
Client Applications
  • Dropped support for Microsoft Office 2013
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2017
Mobile OS for CA Clarity Mobile Time Manager App 2.0
  • Updated support for the latest iOS and Android patch levels available at the time of release for the CA Clarity Mobile Time Manager app only
Mobile OS for Clarity Mobile App 3.0
  • Introduced support for iOS 10 or higher and Android OS 6.0 or higher
New! Supported Component Change History by Release or by Component
250  250
International Support
product is an English language product with an architecture that supports operation on local language versions of the required operating system and required third-party products, and that supports local language data for input and output. Internationalized products also support the ability to specify local language conventions for date, time, currency, and number formats.
 product (sometimes referred to as a 
 product) is an internationalized product that includes local language support for the user interface of the product and local language default settings for date, time, currency, and number formats.
The English language edition of 
Clarity PPM
 is localized in 20 other languages and supports over 100 regional settings for date, time, and number formatting.
New User Experience
, classic user interface, reports, and online help documentation are available in the following languages:
Classic PPM and Reports
New UX
Online Help
Brazilian Portuguese
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
and English
The localized online help is a subset of the full English documentation. No login is required to view the public portion of online help for business users. The full documentation set is only available in English and requires that users register and log in to view all content (public and restricted).
Online Help
Instead of navigating to and then searching for information, 
Clarity PPM
 users can click 
 from inside the application. The resulting online help documentation takes the following factors into account before showing the best matching documentation topic: 
  • current release of your product
  • current environment (SaaS or On-Premise)
  • current language setting for the software as set by the user
  • current page that the user is viewing in the application when they click 
For example, a 15.5.1 SaaS user sets their CA PPM application language to
and then navigates to a timesheet in the
New User Experience
. When the user clicks 
, they see the French language edition of the 15.5.1 SaaS documentation for new timesheets. When documentation is not available in a given language, the English edition appears. Most technical reference material is not translated. For example, the XOG and Studio Developer content appear exclusively in English. 
CA Education offers many training solutions for 
Clarity PPM
. One important course you may consider explains the CA Productivity Accelerator (CA PA). To learn more about the training offerings, see the CA Education website at
CA Technologies is committed to ensuring all customers can successfully use its products and supporting documentation to accomplish business tasks. 
Clarity PPM
 provides standard user assistance features. The software also selectively inherits the accessibility features of the operating system, browser, and device that you are using. When screen reader and text magnification software is used with the Mozilla Firefox browser, the classic PPM user interface in Release 15.2 and higher is generally considered acceptable (but not fully compliant) in meeting the CA VPAT guidelines for Section 508 compliance.
At this time, based on feedback from our user community, the Microsoft Edge browser is not recommended due to compatibility issues with third-party assistance technologies such as ZoomText and JAWS.