JasperMobile App

Download the TIBCO JasperMobile app from the App Store or Google Play. You can log in to this app with your cappm credentials and can view your cappm Advanced Reporting content.  cappm basic authentication to JasperMobile provides access to reports, ad-hoc views, and dashboards from your system. 
Download the TIBCO JasperMobile app from the App Store or Google Play. You can log in to this app with your 
Clarity PPM
 credentials and can view your 
Clarity PPM
 Advanced Reporting content.  
Clarity PPM
 basic authentication to JasperMobile provides access to reports, ad-hoc views, and dashboards from your system. 
After you download the app, perform one of the following connection options:
  • Add an account to connect to the
    Clarity PPM
    server and access the content
  • To connect to the Jaspersoft demo environment and view sample reports, click
    Try Demo
: TIBCO develops, maintains, and provides this app. You can leave feedback in the app under Settings. Contact CA Support for any serious issues that you find with the JasperMobile app. If the case is related to an authentication issue, we provide you with direct support. If the case is related to a JasperMobile app issue, we log the case with Jaspersoft. We can also keep you updated when Jaspersoft resolves the issue.
Video: TIBCO Jaspersoft Mobile App

Video: Navigating the JasperMobile App
The following third-party video is provided by Rego Consulting. This video is provided by CA Technologies “AS IS” and without warranty.

To play this video in full screen, click the YouTube logo to the right of Settings at the bottom of the video. 
Basic User Features
  1. You can access the Jaspersoft content using the
    Clarity PPM
     server URL and
    Clarity PPM
  2. You can access reports, ad-hoc views, and dashboards from your system.
  3. The
    Clarity PPM
    server handles authentication and authorization for the user credentials that are provided in the app.
  4. The
    Clarity PPM
    server acts as a proxy for all Jaspersoft requests originating from the JasperMobile Client. 
  5. The
    Clarity PPM
    server internally forwards the requests to the JasperReports server and forwards the response to the JasperMobile Client.
The JasperMobile app only supports basic authentication (logging in using your
Clarity PPM
username and password). JasperMobile does not support single sign-on (SSO).
  • Google Android OS 4.0.3 or higher
  • Apple iOS 8.0 or higher
  • CA PPM on-premise or SaaS 15.1 or newer
  • Jaspersoft 6.4.2 or 7.1
  • JasperMobile 2.1.2 or newer
Download and install the TIBCO JasperMobile app from the App Store or Google Play.
Follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the App Store or Google Play on your device and download the TIBCO JasperMobile app.
  2. When the download is complete, you see this icon:This image describes the icon that appears when the download is complete.
  3. Tap the TIBCO JasperMobile icon.
  4. Complete the following information and tap Login
    • Username
      username to log in to 
      Clarity PPM
    • Password
      The password to log in to 
      Clarity PPM
    • Server URL
      The server url that is used to log in to TIBCO JasperMobile.
      : https://<PPM Hostname>/ppm/mobile
  5. Click the "+" button in Server Profiles to add an account in the mobile app to connect to the 
    Clarity PPM
    Complete the following information and click Save
    • Profile name
      Specify the name of your profile. You can specify any profile name that you want.
    • Server address
    • Organization ID
      (Not Required)
      Clarity PPM
       automatically identifies this value from the Server URL, Username, and Password provided.
    • Automatically extend the session
  6. Select the added profile and click Login.
Home Screen
After you log in to the app, you can view the report data based on the user role permissions. The home screen displays colored tiles that provide a summary status of the reports. To navigate to the functional area indicated by the tile name, tap the tile.
  • Library
    Access all the reports and dashboards that are based on your user role permissions.
  • Repository
    View the list of available Repository Items.
  • Recently Viewed
    View the reports that you have recently viewed from all user devices.
  • Saved Items
    Save reports in various formats, like HTML, PDF, or XLS formats. 
    After you run the report, the option to save to different formats is available. Once you save a file, you can view it in the Saved Items tiles. You can view the saved items even when you are offline.
  • Favorites
    Add reports and dashboards to Favorites tiles.
  • Settings
    Update the app settings.
Known Issues with the JasperMobile App
Error Messages Are Not Consistent Across Different Platforms
When attempting to log in to the JasperMobile app across different platforms, and in the same error situations, the error messages are not consistent and the wording is different.
Reports Create New Jaspersoft and 
Clarity PPM
 Tokens in the Sessions Table
On the Android platform, each report execution creates new Jaspersoft and 
Clarity PPM
 session tokens.
Touch Sensitivity in Report Chart Data
Because of touch sensitivity issues in Report Chart Data, the user is not able to point out the capacity and allocation value for a particular month.
Actions for Reports/Views in a Dashboard Display in a New Window
If multiple reports/ad-hoc views within a dashboard display, any action for one of the reports/views displays in a new window.
Running Custom Dashboards/Reports Create New Login Requests Multiple Times
When a user in the same session creates different reports and dashboards, a new session is created every time a custom report and dashboard is executed.
Cannot Apply a Filter on a Dashboard or Dashlet
After creating a dashboard with reports and filters, and then executing the dashboard, the user can no longer apply a filter on the dashlet accessed via JasperMobile. On iOS devices, the filter fields do not appear.
As a workaround, do not use the dashboard filter. Instead, tap the native control menu at the top right and select Filters.
Dashboard Does Not Display Filter Fields in One Place
The dashboard does not display filter fields in one place. The user must scroll down the page to see the additional filter fields that are available to filter data.