Configure OData Access to the Data Warehouse

SaaS customers can access the data warehouse and develop analytics dashboards and reports using REST (OData) endpoints. A Hybrid Data Pipeline (HDP) server in the 
Clarity PPM
 environment connects to the data warehouse and exposes OData endpoints for data warehouse entities. As a report developer or business user, you can use a business intelligence tool (for example, Microsoft Power BI or Tableau) to access the OData endpoints. Using the OData endpoints as data sources, you can create your own dashboards and reports.
This feature is available only in the SaaS edition of CA PPM. You are in the documentation for the on-premise edition. Although the two doc sets are almost identical for users, there are significant administrative differences, and HDP OData Access to the Data Warehouse is one of them. To switch over to the SaaS edition of this page, go here. Remember to select your release of CA PPM SaaS from the