New User Experience: Configure Blueprints for Ideas

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The Standard Idea blueprint has been introduced in 
Clarity PPM
 15.6.1 and allows administrators or PMO content designers to configure layouts for ideas based on different business needs. 
: Jason is a 
Clarity PPM
 administrator. Multiple teams in his organization are using the Ideas grid to develop and evaluate new ideas. The Product Development and the Product Architecture teams often contribute a large number of ideas. However, the management team evaluates their ideas on different criterions. The Product Development team is judged on financial details such as planned cost and planned benefit details. The Product Architecture teams are judged on technical details such as architectural fit, technology compliance, and regulatory compliance. Jason wants to create different blueprints for these teams so that their management teams can quickly view relevant details and take appropriate actions on the idea.
Explore the Standard Idea Blueprint
The Standard Idea blueprint has been introduced in 
Clarity PPM
15.6.1. You can copy this blueprint and configure it to match the specific business requirements of various departments. Thus, when end-users create ideas that are based on the configured blueprint, they only see details that are relevant to their new idea.
Follow these steps:
  1. In the main menu, click
  2. Click the
    Standard Idea
    blueprint to open it. 
  3. The following default attributes are included as fields on the standard blueprint for ideas
    • Subject 
    • Idea ID 
    • Idea Type 
    • Objective 
    • Work Status 
    • Original Requester 
    • Sponsor 
    • Manager 
    • Start Date 
    • Finish Date 
  4. Click the
    button to return to the Blueprints page.
Copy, Edit, and Publish a Blueprint
Create a new blueprint by copying an existing blueprint. From the ⋮ actions menu for the blueprint, click Copy. When you create a blueprint by copying an existing blueprint, the details and modules from the existing blueprint are copied over. You can tailor the details in the new blueprint for specific ideas that may be associated with different teams or departments.
You can rename or edit the configuration of user-defined idea blueprints. You cannot edit or delete the Standard Idea blueprint. 
: Jason wants to create a copy of the Standard Idea blueprint. Then, she will customize it to suit the requirements of the product development team.
Follow these steps:
  1. In the main menu, click
  2. Click the ⋮
    menu to the right of the Standard Idea blueprint and select
    to create a new blueprint.
  3. Click the
    icon to enter the name of the blueprint.
  4. From the blueprint list, click the name of the blueprint that you want to edit.
  5. On the details page that displays the currently published blueprint layout, click
  6. Edit the blueprint details:
    • Drag-and-drop available fields from the Fields list onto an existing section within the blueprint. Use the Search to look for specific fields by label name. Resize any field in the layout using the shaded triangle that appears in the bottom-right of the field.
    • Drag-and-drop fields from a blueprint layout section to another section. 
    • Drag-and-drop fields from the blueprint layout sections back to the list of fields. You can also click the X on a field in a section to remove that field. The field goes back to being an available field. 
    • Delete a section with or without fields. All fields within that section are removed from the layout and are available again to select from the Fields panel. 
    • Drag an existing section up or down within the blueprint to rearrange the sections. All fields that are in the section also move to the new location. 
    • Add a section by clicking Add Section or drag-and-drop the Add Section button to where you want to add a section.
  7. If you are unsure of the changes, discard the edits. The edits are deleted and the blueprint details view reverts to the currently published version.
  8. Click
    to save your changes and make the new layout available to projects. All projects associated with this blueprint display the new layout. 
When you publish a blueprint, all edits in progress for the details and modules are published at once. All ideas that are associated with the blueprint display the latest layout that is configured for the blueprint.
Configure Custom Idea Attributes to Appear in Blueprints
In case you have created custom idea attributes in Classic PPM, you can ensure there attributes are available in Idea blueprints. 
Follow these steps:
  1. In Classic PPM, select
  2. In the Object Name field, enter
    , and select
  3. Click the
    object and select the
    tab to view all the attributes associated with the Idea object. 
  4. Filter and locate the custom idea attribute that you want to display in the standard and user-defined blueprints. 
  5. Enter a unique value in the
    API Attribute ID
    file and click
    to confirm your changes. 
  6. Open the blueprint you want to edit. 
  7. Locate and drag-drop the custom idea attribute in the appropriate section of the blueprint. 
Explore Modules
Clarity PPM
 15.6.1, the Standard Idea blueprint only has the Details modules associated with it. When you are using the Project Management blueprints, you can configure modules for a blueprint, so they display as icons on project tiles. To learn more about project management modules, see New User Experience: Configure Blueprints for Projects and Investments.
Delete Blueprints
With the appropriate access rights, you can delete any user-defined blueprint. If you delete a blueprint that is not the default, all templates and projects that are associated with the blueprint are then re-associated with the current default blueprint. If the Standard Idea blueprint is the default blueprint, all ideas are associated with this blueprint. If you delete a user-defined default blueprint, then the associated templates and projects are also re-associated with the Standard Idea blueprint. The Standard Idea blueprint becomes the new default blueprint. You cannot delete the Standard Project blueprint
Access Rights
Depending on your access rights as the application owner, you can configure the blueprinting capabilities in the New User Experience. Verify that you have the appropriate rights for configuring blueprints. Some of the rights available to you are:
  • Blueprint – Create Copy 
  • Blueprint – Delete All 
  • Blueprint – Edit All 
  • Blueprint – View All
See New User Experience Access Rights in the Reference section. Refer the Blueprint Access Rights here to learn more these rights.