New! CA PPM Mobile App Version 3.0

New! CA PPM Mobile App Version 3.0
New! Introducing the completely redesigned CA PPM Mobile App
: Compatible with Release, 15.5.1, 15.6, and newer releases, our new mobile app includes secure authentication and completely redesigned timesheet entry features.
Mobile App User Guide:
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • iOS 10 or higher
  • Android OS 6.0 or higher
  • Wireless or data network access
  • A supported release of Clarity PPM SaaS or On-Premise 
Your Release
"Can We Use the New Mobile App?", 15.5.1, or higher
15.4.1 and earlier releases
The mobile app supports the same languages and locales that are supported with Classic Clarity PPM and the 
New User Experience
A new mobile app feature that is tied to a new release of Clarity PPM might
exist in the very same mobile app if you experience it on an older release. The older release cannot support the newer mobile app features. This is another way of saying, "if you want to use our latest mobile app features, be sure to upgrade to the newest available release of CA PPM or convert to a SaaS subscription."
Required Access Rights and Settings
Contact your administrator to verify that you have the required access rights and settings in CA PPM that enable you to submit your time in the new mobile app. Administrators can locate this information further down this page and can also refer to the
Access Rights
documentation in the Reference section (switch to the English language edition of this documentation).
Download and Configure the App
Before you attempt to download the app, verify you are a licensed user of CA PPM on-premise or SaaS with the required access rights.
  1. On your mobile device, go to the
    Apple App Store
    Google Play
  2. Download the 
    CA PPM Mobile
  3. Open the app to configure a connection to your CA PPM system.
Sign In and Get Started
  1. Verify you are connected to a wireless network or mobile data plan. The app cannot be used offline.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Configure authentication to your CA PPM SaaS or on-premise solution.
  4. The mobile app timesheet landing page appears. You remain logged in for the duration of your user session. 
  5. Your session ends when either of the following events occurs:
    • You log out of the app.
    • Your session expires. 
: The mobile app stores user authentication data in a temporary token. For your security, the session token expires after a defined period of inactivity set by your administrator. The default is 60 minutes; however, the timeout for SaaS environments of PPM is reduced to 15 minutes.
Basic Login Steps:
CA PPM mobile app basic authentication without SSO
CA PPM mobile app basic authentication without SSO
First-Time Users: Choose One of Three Login Methods
: Tap the
Log in with SSO
option, enter your
, and select
. The very first time, you see a configuration screen where you enter your single sign-on username and network password. Tap
Log in
. In the future, you can just tap
Log in with SSO
and then
: Tap the
Log in with Username
option, enter your server
, your Clarity PPM
, and select
Log in
On Demand Portal
: Tap the
Log in with On Demand Portal
option and enter your Clarity PPM SaaS On Demand Portal URL (for example, followed by the
for your hosted instance of CA PPM. Next, enter your your unique
Email Address
as a username and your CA PPM SaaS portal password. Tap
Log in
You see this configuration screen:
  • the very first time you set up SSO
  • if your SSO password changes and the mobile app is still trying to authenticate your previous password
  • if you tap
    Change Login Method
Enter your single sign-on username and network password. Tap
Log in
. The app remembers your configuration settings (server and username). When you return next time, your configuration details are saved. For security, simply enter your password to log in again. The app masks your password with dots for security.
The app remembers your last five (5) successful login credentials that you used for PPM or SSO server URL and username.
  • To remove an old entry, tap
    X Delete
  • To change your settings, select image2018-10-12_17-33-1.png
: To view more details in the images on this page, magnify your browser view (zoom-in) or right-click the image and select
Open image in new tab
Enter Your Time and Submit Your Timesheet
After you log in, you land on the
My Timesheet
landing page which shows the following three (3) timesheets:
  • Current Period
  • Next Period
  • Previous Period
: To view more timesheets in more time reporting periods, close the app and switch to the Clarity PPM
New User Experience
The lifecycle for a timesheet is typically
. If returned, the timesheet lifecycle typically changes to
Current Period
and enter time for each task. Tap
at the top to view all tasks and time entries for the time reporting period. Swipe left and right to view the individual days in the time period. Tap a single day to view only the tasks for that day.
Tap inside a cell to enter your time. Typically, users enter their time in hours rounded to the nearest quarter-hour; however, the app follows the same settings your administrator can set in Classic PPM for timesheet options. Organizations can also configure time-entry in days instead of using hours.
Swipe left to
a task. Tap the task name to open and view its details.
To submit your timesheet, review the totals for the time reporting period and each day to verify your entries are accurate. When ready, tap image2018-10-12_17-39-31.png
and select
: You are not submitting time for individual days. When you tap
, you are submitting your total time entries for the entire time reporting period (typically one or two weeks).
After you tap 
, the app shows 
 for a few seconds as shown below before returning you to your 
My Timesheet
 landing page.
If your administrator configured the timesheet attestation feature, you might see a different confirmation message. 
  • Confirm the totals for the time period and tap 
  • If you are not ready yet, tap 
Enter One Total That Spreads Evenly Across Multiple Days
Your administrator can enable a setting that speeds time entry. With this setting, users can report their total time in hours or days for the same task and have the app evenly spread that total over multiple days. 
  • As an administrator, see New User Experience: Administration and Configuration to configure the 
    Allow entry of line item totals
     setting. The setting applies to both the mobile app and the timesheets in the
    Clarity PPM
    New User Experience
  • As a user, you can report one total (in hours unless your administrator has switched to using days) that is evenly spread across all the remaining days in the same time reporting period for that same task. 
The following image provides an example where ten (10) hours are spread evenly as two (2) hours each day for five (5) days:
Add Tasks and Edit Timesheet Details
In this example, you begin with no work tasks in your open timesheet.
To add more work tasks to your timesheet, tap image2018-10-12_17-39-31.png
and select
Add Work
. If the app detects that you have no assigned tasks, it goes into Add Work mode for you.
The app finds all your work tasks from your previous timesheet and current project assignments. Select the ones you want and tap
Add Tasks
When adding from a previous timesheet, you can also take advantage of the time-saving
Copy hours
option (or
Copy days
if using days). This option is convenient if you are reporting an identical or similar amount of work time each pay period for the same tasks.
To find a task by name, enter your search criteria. Matching projects and tasks appear.
at the top to view all tasks and time entries for the time reporting period. Tap a single day to view only the tasks for that day.
Tap a task by name (not its time-entry cell) to view Task Details including the full task name, project, and phase. If your administrator configured them in Classic PPM, you might also see fields for Input Type Code, Charge Code, and up to two (2) additional fields for custom user values.
Optional notes for the current task appear at the bottom. Begin entering text in the
Enter notes..
. area and then tap
. The app arranges notes in chronological order with the most recent note on top. You can edit, cancel, or delete your own notes.
In this example, you are entering a value for the
Charge Code
field. The values are based on the selected columns in Classic PPM Timesheet Options.
Review and Approve Timesheets in the New User Experience or Classic Clarity PPM User Interface
As a manager, review the timesheets submitted by team members. You can either approve their entries or return a timesheet to route it back to the original user to make adjustments. Until these features are available in a future version of the mobile app, use Classic Clarity or the Clarity PPM New User Experience to review and approve timesheets. See New User Experience: Review and Approve Timesheets
Tap the Main Menu to Get Basic Info
Tap the main menu to do any of the following tasks:
  • View the PPM server URL for the current session
  • View the current mobile app version
  • Navigate to your timesheet or back to the
    My Timesheet
    landing page
  • Logout
Technical Details for Administrators
Supported Authentication Methods
  • Direct
    : Direct PPM Authentication
  • SSO On Premise*
    : CA PPM Integrated with CA Single Sign-On (on-premise)
  • SSO On Demand
    : CA PPM SaaS with SSO in the CA On Demand Portal (SaaS)
  • Federated SSO*
    : CA PPM SaaS with federated CA SSO authentication (SaaS)
*CA PPM on-premise SSO and federated SSO customers can configure their own mobile app authentication experience in basic, FCC, or NTLM modes. Federated SSO with IDPs for ADFS and CA SSO are supported and SaaS IDP support includes Okta, Azure SSO, SecureAuth, Centrify, and PingIdentity. 
After the initial setup, a mobile app user continues to authenticate in the same way. Even users with no PPM REST API access rights can sign in to the mobile app just as they can sign in to CA PPM. For each non-login API call from the mobile app, the authToken header is present.
: To view more details in any documentation images on this page, magnify your browser view (zoom-in) or right-click the image and select
Open image in new tab
Authentication Models: 
Direct PPM Authentication:
CA On Demand Portal SaaS Authentication:
IDP-Initiated Federated SSO Authentication:
Default Administrative Timesheet Options
The following image shows the administrative options for timesheets:
To navigate to this page in Classic PPM, click 
Project Management
Timesheet Options
: Timesheet Options set in Classic PPM apply to Classic, Modern UX, and Mobile timesheets.
Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Review and Approve Timesheets?
As a supervisor or manager, use Classic PPM or the 
New User Experience
. See New User Experience: Review and Approve Timesheets. The current mobile app 3.0 does not support timesheet review and approval; however, the functionality is planned for a future release.
Error Message: Your time tracking settings are not correct...
If the app detects that some settings for you (as a resource) or for your project tasks are missing, you might see this error message:
Your time tracking settings are not correct. Verify your settings have Open for Time Entry turned on, the Track Mode is set, and the Active flag is set.
As a team member or project contributor, contact your manager or administrator.
As a project manager, open the project properties in Classic PPM. Only when the project is
Track Mode
is set to
, and
Open for Time Entry
is selected, can you and other users record time for tasks in this project.
As a resource manager, open the resource properties in Classic PPM. Only when the named resource is
Track Mode
is set to
, and
Open for Time Entry
is selected, can the user record time for their tasks.
What Access Rights Are Required?
Contact your administrator to grant you the following instance-level and global access rights:
  • Resource - Enter Time
  • Mobile - Enter Time - Navigate
  • Timesheets - Navigate
I Cannot Enter My Time for a Task
You can only enter time for a task on an 
 timesheet. If the timesheet is already 
, contact your administrator or supervisor to inquire about corrective options. If you already 
 your timesheet, contact your supervisor to let them know. They can return the timesheet to you and you can make corrections before resubmitting your adjusted timesheet.
See also the explanation above for time tracking settings.
I Cannot Copy or Delete a Task
You can only copy or delete a task on an 
 timesheet. Open the timesheet and swipe left on a task.
I Cannot Submit My Timesheet
When you tap image2018-10-12_17-39-31.png
, the 
 option only appears for 
 (and corrected) timesheets.
The App Shows "No Internet Connection"
The mobile app requires a network connection and cannot be used offline.
You might see this message if your network temporarily goes down, or if you are traveling or walking in an area with poor wireless or data network connectivity.
  • You might be receiving temporary interference, or your network could be experiencing heavy traffic.
  • You might be in a bad weather environment or in a poor location (walking through an airport will change signal strength and quality).
  • Your data plan connection was lost, throttled back, exceeded, or you do not have a data plan and are outside of the range of a wireless network.
To resolve the problem, try any of the following steps:
  • Move your mobile device toward a wireless access point or hotspot (ask your IT department which floors and offices have the best wireless signal strength).
  • Contact your data provider.
  • Tap
    Try Again
: The app requires wireless or data plan network access. Without connectivity, you cannot enter timesheet values or edit your task details.
The App Shows "Timesheet Not Submitted"
Something went wrong but this time (unlike all those other times ) it was not your fault. Seriously, the following combination of activities could result in the appearance of the 
Timesheet Not Submitted
  • Your connection went down after you tapped
  • Your backend CA PPM server lost its connection
  • A database error occurred while you were submitting your timesheet
Try again in a few minutes. If you continue to receive this message, contact your administrator.
What Kind of Performance Can I Expect?
Performance testing results were very good with most user actions completing in under three seconds, and some in less than one second. Times were comparable on Android OS and iOS. As expected, the slowest performance times were associated with showing a mobile timesheet summary page loaded with 100 tasks; however, even that scenario clocked in at around 20 seconds.
Performance of the CA Mobile app is also affected by your network bandwidth speeds, background activity, and OS health.
Match Your Classic PPM Application Locale Setting With Your New Mobile App Locale
If your Classic PPM locale is set to a language that show commas instead of decimal points (for example, French) you might expect to enter 2,25 instead of 2.25. However, if your mobile device is not set to French or FR to match (for example, it is set to English or EN), you might experience the following known behavior: When you tap a time cell, you are only presented with a number keyboard. You might not be able to switch to an alphabet keyboard to select the comma which is your native decimal separator.
To resolve this issue, set your mobile device locale to match your Classic PPM locale. In this case, both keyboards are available or a comma appears on the numeric keypad and you can enter the comma into a number field.
How Do I Get Updates for the Clarity Mobile App?
You can manually check for updates and decide when to download them yourself. To subscribe to automatic updates, enable the
Auto-update apps
OS-level setting on your Android or iOS device.