Project Management

Manage projects, project jobs, and the My Project Portlet. Projects are sets of activities that are designed to achieve a specific objective. Their key elements are tasks that define project work and staff members - the resources who perform them. Time and budget constraints guide projects. The constraints estimate and determine how long each task takes, and therefore, how long the entire project takes and how much it costs.
Projects are the core investment in the application. Understanding how to create projects enables you to properly manage them. Creating projects is the first step in the project management process.
As a project manager, define and track each aspect of your project from tasks and staff to budgets, actuals, and risks. In addition, you can create master projects that group related subprojects. The master projects let you view and analyze the combined costs, estimates, and actuals of their sub projects. Projects are used as the example investment. Project functionality and components apply to all investments that are based on the project, such as proposals.
The documentation may not match what you see in the product user interface. This difference can occur because all access to features, menus, pages, buttons, and objects is determined by your access rights. Your organization can also configure the application pages, objects, lookups, partitions, processes, and user interface. Contact your administrator if you are not able to complete any of the steps in the documentation.
Prepare to Set Up a Project
  • Have a general idea of the project scope, the tasks that resources perform, and a time frame to complete the tasks. This planning makes the initial field entry and setup easier.
  • Provide accurate and detailed information in your project plan. For example, use system-generated work estimates, or create your own. A regularly maintained project plan is the most effective way to measure performance and status.
  • Estimates (ETC) assist you when planning task and project duration, and allow for comparison with actuals after the project starts.
  • Consider measuring progress using baselines. Creating the baselines takes some time, but the long-term benefits are substantial.
  • All resources who participate in the project are defined. All the roles in the project are defined.
  • Create a department for the project.
  • You need specific access rights to set up a project.
Project Jobs
The following jobs can influence the performance or timeliness of your project information:
  • Clean User Session
  • Cost Matrix Extraction
  • Delete Investments
  • Import Financial Actuals
  • Index Contents and Documents for Searches
  • Investment Allocation
  • Post Timesheets
  • Post Transactions to Financial
  • Rate Matrix Extraction
  • Time Slicing
  • Update Aggregated Data
  • Update Earned Value History
  • Update Earned Value and Cost Totals
  • Update % Complete
  • Update Report Tables
My Projects Portlet
The My Projects portlet on the Overview page displays a list of projects you have added to the My Projects list. Use this portlet to view the latest status of the projects that you want to track. For example, if you are managing the HR System Migration project, add it to the My Projects portlet to view the latest risk and business alignment status of the project from the portlet.
In addition, the portlet lets you complete the following tasks:
  • Create new projects or use a template.
  • Open a project in the Gantt view.
  • Access and view any documents that are attached to a project.
  • Collaborate on a project using documents, action items, or discussions.
  • Open the properties of a project.
Add Projects to the My Projects Portlet
By default, projects that are created from the portlet do not display in this list. Projects display only if you add them to the portlet by selecting the Add to My Projects option from the Actions menu in the project properties.
Image showing how to add projects to the My Projects Portlet.
After adding projects to the My Projects Portlet, you can remove them by selecting the Remove from My Projects option from the Actions menu.