Add-in: New Product Development (NPD) Accelerator - End of Life

  • A notification has been sent to announce End of Life(EOL) for the NPD, PRINCE2, PMBOK, and EVM Add-ins for 
    Classic PPM
    Classic PPM
  • Add-ins are content offerings, not product functionality; therefore, when we EOL them we do not offer functional alternatives.
  • Existing customers may continue to leverage the content, but it will not be available for new customers. 
  • A new customer installing future releases of the product will not be able to install these add-ins.
  • Existing customers upgrading to future releases of the product will not get new versions of these add-ins.
With the release of
release 15.7.1, these Add-ins will no longer be enhanced, and maintenance and technical support will be discontinued effective December 2, 2019. Customers may continue to run and use the
Add-in products referenced above in production and non-production environments after the End-of-Life Date. However, after December 2, 2019, CA will no longer provide any fixes, patches, service packs, updates, upgrades, programmatic changes, new features, coverage for updated or new operating systems, databases, browsers, or any additional components. 
Increase the pace of innovation, increase new product sales, and reduce new product development costs. The 
Classic PPM
 Accelerator for New Product Development (NPD) helps organizations shorten the time-to-market for new products. Leverage your resource product development skills for optimum strategic and financial impact across all product lines in all phases.
NPD Accelerator Benefits
NPD-specific dashboards and portlets provide a clear picture of your projects and products.
    Pipeline Management
    : Prioritize your projects and balance resource demand and capacity.
    Product portfolio management
    : Balance risks and rewards, improve alignment between innovation and business strategy, and monitor the health and performance of all products over their entire lifecycle.
    Idea-to-launch management
    : Develop new products in an automated, collaborative workflow from the new idea stage to the product inception stage.
    Project and resource management
    : Take advantage of comprehensive project and resource management capabilities. Manage resource allocations, project schedules, and progress. Improve cross-functional coordination.
NPD Accelerator Pipeline Management
Prioritizing and sequencing projects to balance resource demand and capacity is known as project portfolio management or pipeline management. As projects move from one stage in their lifecycle to the next, they require review in the context of all the other in-flight projects, to determine if they are still worth investing in. This process is a portfolio process of selecting and scheduling.
Pipeline Management Benefits
  • Resource conflicts and overloads are avoided, thus reducing project delays.
  • Scarce resources can be allocated to the highest priority projects.
  • Pipeline throughput is improved by ensuring the right mix of projects at all phases of development.
  • A gate scoring object tracks and stores all gate scores for each project stage.
  • Automated gate submission to support each stage gate.
  • A gate scoring page layout to provide metrics.
  • Custom attributes and page layouts, including go, hold, and kill status.
  • Project portlets that you can add to any of the project page layouts.
  • Budget for each phase.
  • A built-in project template for the five-step stage-gate process.
  • Support for deliverables and worksheets with a document folder structure.
  • Project portfolio management including pipeline.
  • Dashboards for executives, portfolio managers, and project managers to review projects before submitting them for gate approval.
  • Separate user groups for portfolio managers, project managers, and team members.
NPD Accelerator Portfolio Management
Portfolio management increases the business value of your product portfolio by accomplishing the following goals:
  • Access, manage, and track your portfolios.
  • Balance reward against risk.
  • Improve the alignment between innovation and business strategy by allocating NPD resources in a top-down approach.
  • Maximize the value of the product portfolio by monitoring the health and performance of all products over their entire lifecycle.
  • Track specific product categories.
  • Track products by type, brand, customer segment, and product line.
  • Track competitor products.
  • Move products through lifecycle phases.
  • Analyze all products according to specific factors in a rating system.
  • Manage a portfolio of products using the following convenience features:
    • Page layout for portfolios with product information.
    • Group that provides appropriate access for product managers.
Product Portfolio Analysis Benefits
Analyzing a product portfolio provides you with answers to the following questions:
  • Do we have sufficient products in each stage of development?
  • Do we have products in development for all of our target markets?
  • Can we identify our core, competitive, strategic, and growth markets?
  • What are the planned launch dates for each product in the portfolio?
  • Do we have an appropriate balance of value against risk?
  • Are we over or under spending in any specific product or market area?
  • Which products are at risk?
  • Where do we have product gaps that we need to fill?
  • Do we have sufficient high value products?
  • Do we have too many low value products?
NPD Accelerator Idea-to-Launch
Idea-to-launch is the process of bringing new products from inception through to market. This process requires collaboration and coordination of multiple business functions including R&D, marketing, sales, finance, distribution, and the supply chain.
Idea-to-Launch Benefits
Employing an idea-to-launch process offers the following benefits:
  • A rigorous go/kill decision process at funding gates.
  • Well-defined stages that eliminate missed steps and rework.
  • Standard deliverables for effective gate decisions.
  • Adaptable to the scope and risk profile of the product being developed.
  • Idea vault to collect all ideas and facilitate your portfolio planning.
  • Idea screening that allows you to score the idea and turn it into a project.
  • Custom attributes and page layouts for ideas.
  • Gate scoring for gatekeepers to rate ideas against business goals.
  • New ideas, access idea scoring, and view pertinent projects.
  • Idea Management Dashboard that displays metrics and provides quick updates for users.
  • Group that provides appropriate access to marketing managers.
NPD Accelerator Resource and Project Management
A key to improved project success is effective project and resource management. The Accelerator for New Product Development offers comprehensive project and resource management capabilities that allow your organization to achieve the following goals:
  • Reduce resource bottlenecks by managing all resource allocations and assignments.
  • Minimize schedule delays by managing all project schedules and progress.
  • Help reduce project delays by capturing all issues and risks.
  • Enable early identification of cost overruns by capturing all project planned and actual costs.
  • Improve quality by providing standard templates for cross-functional project plans.
  • Reduce project delays by tracking dependencies between product and technology development projects.
  • Improve cross-functional coordination through program management of cross-functional plans.
NPD Accelerator User Access Groups
The following NPD user access groups provide users with specific security rights:
    Classic PPM
    : Users who do not require 
    Classic PPM
     to perform their jobs, but can enter ideas. Non-
    Classic PPM
     users are employees who do not use 
    Classic PPM
     daily to do their jobs. This access group provides permissions to show only ideas, gate scoring, and projects, with the Idea Management Dashboard.
    Team Members
    : Regular members of the 
    Classic PPM
     Accelerator for NPD project teams. Team Members are users who perform a variety of activities as members of NPD project teams.
    Marketing Managers
    : Users who perform marketing management activities. Marketing Managers are the 
    Classic PPM
     Accelerator for NPD idea managers -- the guardians of the idea review process. It is their responsibility to make the initial decision to send an idea through the scoring or fast track option. They review and submit ideas, utilize the Idea Management Dashboard, enter planned costs and other idea data, and typically manage the overall idea process.
    Project Portfolio Managers
    Users who manage projects and portfolios of projects. Project Portfolio Managers create project portfolios and oversee projects. The managerial responsibilities cover a wide scope of activities, such as adding team members, creating the cost plan, reviewing planned and actual costs, editing and creating tasks, assigning and allocating resources, potentially approving timesheets, reviewing schedule variances, baselining the project, managing issues and risks, and adding dependencies. Project Portfolio Managers utilize the Stage Review Dashboard to determine that the project is on track.
    Product Portfolio Managers
    : Users who manage the products and the portfolios to which the products belong.
    : Company executives who use the 
    Classic PPM
     Accelerator for NPD to view project, product, and portfolio metrics dashboards. The executive users use the Executive Dashboard to analyze portfolios and potentially gate scoring.
NPD Accelerator Installation
  • As a new customer, install 
    Classic PPM
     first. Then install the optional NPD Accelerator. 
  • As an existing customer, upgrade to the current 
    Classic PPM
     release and then install the NPD Accelerator.
NPD Accelerator Known Issues
Known issues are treated as Knowledge Base (KB) articles. To find NPD Accelerator known issues, go to the 
Classic PPM
Support Page
. Click Knowledge Base and enter the keywords 
, and 
 The removal of previous portfolio features affected the NPD Accelerator. This add-in had portfolio-related portlets that were removed in Release 13.2. The pages to display the portlets were left in place to accommodate customers who placed custom portlets or other valid portlets on the pages. If no custom or other portlets exist, the pages appear blank. Review your Studio portlet pages and delete any that are empty.