: System Settings

You can now customize the header logo and login logo for
. You can use this opportunity to customize
to reflect your organization’s branding. You can also use it to differentiate between various environments such as development, QA, and production.
Follow these steps:
  1. In
    , click
    , and then click
    System Settings
  2. Under Header Logo, click
    Upload New Logo
    to upload the new header logo. This logo will appear on a white background color. Hence, we recommend a dark color logo. The height of your logo should be 24 pixels and it can have a maximum width of 240 pixels.
  3. Under Login Logo, click
    Upload New Logo
    to upload the new login logo. This logo will appear on a dark background color. We recommend a light color logo.
  4. You can also specify the tooltip in the IMAGE TOOLTIP field.
Some key points to remember when you update logos are:
  • Your change will be visible immediately after you update the logo. If you want to try different options, please use the test or development instances of
  • You can upload PNG or transparent GIF formats.
    will honor all the restrictions imposed by
    Classic PPM
    on file types and file size. For more information about allowed file types and size, see Set Document Management Options.
  • If you try to use images, which do not follow these recommendations, you will get an API error.