Resource Management

Allocating the appropriate resources to the right project teams is essential for effective resource management. 
Clarity PPM
 provides a flexible framework where you can perform the following resource management activities:
  • Create and edit resource profiles with important details such as employee type, primary role, skills, and experience
  • Identify one or more resources by searching on specific characteristics, skills, or availability.
  • View, edit, and track resource allocations and workloads.
  • Compare resource capacity with resource demand.
The documentation may not match what you see in the product user interface. This difference can occur because all access to features, menus, pages, buttons, and objects is determined by your access rights. Your organization can also configure the application pages, objects, lookups, partitions, processes, and user interface. Contact your administrator if you are not able to complete any of the steps in the documentation.
As a resource manager, you manage the assignments of employees, contractors, and nonlabor assets. Resource managers can be temporary project leaders or full-time department heads. Project managers often use Resource Management features, such as creating requisitions and finding resources. The Resource Planning pages offer the following ways to manage resource and role allocations:
  • By investment by week
  • By investment start and finish dates
  • For a single investment or multiple investments
  • In a graphic histogram that contrasts resource availability and allocation
  • In a table that shows you allocation information by investment, resource, or role
Changes that you make on the Resource Planning pages also appear on the related investments. You can view the changes that you make on the Resource Planning pages on the Team Staff page for an investment.
Best Practice
: As a resource manager, when you adjust resource allocations, inform the investment or project manager about your changes. The project manager can adjust task assignments and the schedule to accommodate the changes that you introduced for team members.
Prerequisites for Resource Management
As a resource manager, work with your administrator to complete the following prerequisites:
  • Verify with your administrator that scheduled jobs are running properly. If any data fails to appear on a page or in a report, contact your administrator.
    The failure of certain jobs can affect the appearance of your data. For example, the Time Slicing job can affect the resource management data or the performance of the application. When the Time Slicing job fails to run, time-sliced data on resource planning
    pages cannot display properly.
  • To enable financial properties for resources and roles, verify that you have the following access right:
    • Resource - Navigate
  • To edit financial attributes for a specific resource or role, verify that you have one of the following access rights:
    • Resource - Edit
    • Resource - Edit Financial
  • To edit financial attributes for all resources and roles, verify that you have one of the following access rights:
    • Resource - Edit - All
    • Resource - Edit Financial - All
  • To create, view, or edit resource properties, verify with your administrator that you have the following access rights:
    • Administration - Resources
    • Resource - Create
    • Resource - Edit
    • Resource - Edit - All
    • Resource - Edit Access Rights
    • Resource - Edit Administration
    • Resource - Edit Financial
    • Resource - Edit Financial - All
    • Resource - Edit General
    • Resource - Edit General - All
    • Resource - Enter Time
    • Resource - Hard Book
    • Resource - Hard Book - All
    • Resource - Navigate
    • Resource - Soft Book
    • Resource - Soft Book - All
    • Resource - Update Skills
    • Resource - Update Skills - All
    • Resource - View
    • Resource - View - All
    • Resource - View Access Rights
    • Resource - View Financial
    • Resource - View Financial - All
  • To work with capacity planning scenarios, verify that you have the following access rights:
    • Scenario - Edit
    • Scenario - Edit Access Rights
    • Scenario - Manager - Automatic
    • Scenario - Navigate
    • Scenario - View
    You can limit resources or investments through a security OBS or through instance-level resource access rights. A more manageable amount of data appears for the resources and investments you manage.Capacity planning scenarios allow you to make what-if changes without impacting the plan of record data. Your access rights apply to the portlet that you view. If you select a scenario, the same access rights apply with the addition that you can view scenario data.
  • To manage requisitions, verify with your administrator that you have the following rights:
    • Project - Attach Requisitions Entry Resources - All
    • Project - Create/Edit Requisitions - All
    • Project - View Requisitions - All
    • Process - Create Definition
    • Process - Initiate
Resource Planning Portlets by Page
The following table lists the Resource Planning pages with portlets.
Resource Planning Page
This page lists overall resource demand against resource capacity across all investments.
The page aggregates information by role and presents information by month.
You can view how total demand varies from total capacity for each role.
Role Capacity Histogram
Role Capacity
Organizational Demand
This page lists the aggregated demand for all investments and resources by OBS.
You can view allocation data at different levels within the selected OBS unit.
OBS Resource Aggregation
OBS Investment Aggregation
Top Down Planning
This page lists investments and the resources and roles that are allocated to each investment.
Top Down Planning by Investment
This page displays the combined allocations across all investments for the assigned resource.
Use this page to compare the availability with the number of hours that are allocated for a resource to an investment.
Resource Workloads
This page provides several options to view and edit resource allocations on individual investments.
Weekly Detail
Allocation Discrepancy
Unfilled Allocations
This page provides a list of roles that are booked to all investments and displays unfilled demand across your organization.
Unfilled Requirements
This page provides a list of resources with information about their booking status for all investments.
Booking Status
These portlets are designed for a resource planning user that has global access to all resources in the system. As a resource manager or administrator with global access to all resources in the system, you can manage the planning aspect of investment work.
We do not recommend configuring a user with instance or OBS unit access restrictions. This practice can reduce the performance of these portlets.