Product Names and Abbreviations

List only CA product names with a shortened version (such as "CA Service Operations Insight (CA SOI)") and abbreviations/acronyms (such as "virtual machine (VM)") that you use in your wiki space. Sort the list alphabetically. Place this page at the bottom of your TOC so that it appears just above the Announcements & News link.
This documentation references the following products, add-ins, and abbreviations:
  • CA Agile Central (formerly Rally)
  • CA Agile Planning (formerly CA Clarity Agile)
  • CA Application Portfolio Management (CA APM)
  • CA Business Intelligence (CABI)
  • CA Open Workbench (OWB)
  • CA PPM Business Objects (BO)
  • CA PPM Business Relationship Manager (BRM)
  • CA PPM Earned Value Manager (EVM)
  • CA PPM New Product Development (NPD)
  • CA PPM Solution Pack (CSP)
  • CA PPM System Administration (CSA)
  • CA Project & Portfolio Management (CA PPM, formerly CA Clarity PPM)
  • CA Single Sign-On (formerly CA SiteMinder)
  • Data Warehouse (DWH)
  • Microsoft Project (MSP)
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)