Add-in: CA Application Portfolio Management (APM)

Classic PPM
 Application and Portfolio Management capabilities allow organizations to track and analyze their application portfolio. Application portfolio management is important for the following reasons:
  1. Organizations tend to accumulate applications due to mergers and acquisitions or other purchasing activity. Over time, some of the applications might no longer deliver value.
  2. Certain applications might be redundant to each other, meaning that an organization has multiple applications that deliver the same capability.
  3. Research tells us that organizations typically have a larger percentage of IT spend aligned to supporting these applications.
  4. Organizations have limited budgets and face constraints when funding innovation.
The CA Application Portfolio Management (CA APM) add-in helps you manage your application portfolios. CA APM shares objectives that align with your existing project and portfolio management goals. This add-in helps you invest in people and allocate funds to their maximum value. Application rationalization and risk management help you reduce costs and deliver the most important services. 
Organizations that are interested in Application Portfolio Management are concerned with a few key questions:
  • Which applications can we retire to save money?
  • Which applications can we add to the portfolio?
  • How can we better manage the risks in our application portfolio?
  • How are our projects performing on key applications?
Use CA APM to rank your applications on mission criticality, risk, business value, and technical value. 
This add-in includes new 
Classic PPM
 attributes, subobjects, portlets, and the following reports:
    Application Assessment Analysis
    : This report compares mission criticality with risk. Use this report to identify the high-risk critical applications and to determine which actions to take as a result. 
    Application KPI Report
    : This report is similar to the KPIs by Project Type report.
Like other add-ins, CA APM is delivered as part of your 
Classic PPM
 solution. Your organization can decide whether to install and use this optional functionality.